Of Aire: The Underground, VIP, Super-Secret Plant-Based Restaurant Your Coolest Friend Has Been Dying to Try


I think Millie’s Cafe was the first brunch spot I ever visited in LA. Known for their giant “mess” plates that’ll cure any hangover almost instantly, the old school diner is open from 7a to 4p daily and almost always has a line of breakfast lovers eagerly waiting for a table outside and the chance to order cheesy cheddar eggs or extra crispy bacon.

So when I heard there was a secret plant-based restaurant pop-up called Of Aire happening inside Millie’s a few nights a week, I was pretty surprised. Not exactly the first place you’d expect, yah know?

But then you meet friend of Millie's and plant-based Chef Greg Arnold, and you get it. The dude is counter-culture in the best way possible … which explains Of Aire's under-the-radar opening. He just decided to cook "punk-rock vegan food" from 6-11p Thursday through Saturday at Millie's, and because of his incredible reputation, Of Aire is already exploding with popularity.

Yes, he’s opened plant-based mainstays like Sage, Plant Food and Wine, and MESAVERDE in Santa Barbara, but Greg isn’t some soft-edged vegan obsessed with bland macrobiotic bowls and nut cheese. He whips up dishes flavorful, satiating dishes like the lovingly titled “Summer Goth," which is a salad of sorts with black tomato, black basil, and black Moroccan olives. 

Every dish on the menu is insanely good, plant-based (except for a mind-blowing bone broth creation), and gorgeous. Most importantly, it’s 1000 percent worth the drive to Silver Lake.

Michelle Pellizzon