Palm Mapping


The idea of palm reading takes me back to some bygone era of seances and parlor tricks, some Jane Eyre shit that's more literary device than practical magic.

But turns out palmistry is kind of super legit—at least from what I experienced with Nikki Lee Kurt during a Palm Mapping session. According to Kurt, who studied palmistry for two years with Ellen Goldberg at The School of Oracles, the geography of your hand is directly affected by your brain’s patterning. “Your palm changes based on how your thoughts change,” Kurt told me. So if you believe yourself to be a kind, empathetic person, (or vice versa) that’s reflected in your palm.

With some intensive study, palmistry experts can basically read your personality by looking at your palm and tell you anything from how you’ll likely act in romantic relationships to what your business strengths might be.

Nikki takes it to the next level, though, by drawing what she sees. A trained artist and graphic designer, she’s got an incredible talent that allows her to simultaneously explain what your palm means as she creates her unique artwork. Not only did I learn a few things about myself—I’ve got a big Luna bump (ayoooooo) and a long ass Heart line which means I might have a knack for tarot and I’m pretty open when I meet new people—Nikki totally nailed my personality in visual form.  

As a result, I’ve got some clutch tips from Nikki on what I need to think about and work on, as well as a beautiful little piece of art that feels wholly me. She’s currently traveling through NYC and then Europe, but Kurt is available for Skype sessions year-round and happy to meet with you if she’s in your hood. (If she is, hit her up. She’s completely delightful!)

Michelle Pellizzon