Potions 101 aka Adaptogens You Should Get Behind


A Brain Power-Boosting Adaptogen Recipe

As Jillian mentioned, this week has some super-charged energy. Be prepared to GET👊 SHIT👊  DONE👊  

New moons typically identify as more “yang”—traditionally, yang is more masculine, more aggressive, more go-go-go. And listen, that ain’t a bad thing. I like to think of it as like an energetic wave: When you catch it, you should hold on for dear life and ride the shit out of it.

A little extra fuel to keep you focused and in the zone this week might not be a bad thing. Personally, I’m a big fan of using adaptogens* in my morning coffee to regulate my energy more efficiently and give my brain an extra little boost. [*Quick refresher: Adaptogens are healing plants and herbs that help regulate the body’s physiological functions and help you respond to stressors.]

I’ve been big on this recipe for a while, bc it works almost too well. Kind of like organic Adderall. Drink it and feel the power of the adaptogens (and caffeine).

  • Eleuthero is the OG of adaptogenic herbs—it’s been used in Russia + China for centuries to improve athletic and mental performance, which science now backs up.  
  • Rhodiola is another favorite used to improve cognitive performance.
  • Holy basil helps with anxiety and stress response. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and itchy thinking about all the work ahead of you, it'll make you feel excited to get cracking.

Adaptogens can be a little bitter tasting, so I make this take on Mexican coffee to help with the flavor. 

8 oz. coffee
½ teaspoon Eleuthero
½ teaspoon Rhodiola
½ teaspoon oly basil
2 tbsp ghee, MCT oil, or coconut oil (gasp!)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Pinch of cinnamon
2-3 drops stevia extract (a little goes a long way)

Blitz in a high-powered blender until frothy. Best enjoyed hot, while dancing to some good jamsas the sun comes up.

Michelle Pellizzon