Shaman-Approved Tips to Protect Your Energy

How to Protect Your Personal Energy 

About six months ago, something really, really weird started happening to me: I started having full-on, physical allergic reactions to certain people.

Hanging with negative, mean, or depressed people instantly changed my mood and physicality. It was like I couldn’t handle the vibes they were throwing my way. I’ll never forget the afternoon when I had to interview an Instagram health and wellness influencer whose energy was SO weirdly negative that I got physically ill after our interview. Like, barfing-in-the-parking-lot ill. Super cool.

Whether you realize it or not—and odds are you do—other people’s energy affects us, for better or for worse. When I met with Julie Evonne Washington, a Reiki master and Shamanic healer, I instantly felt like someone had hugged me with a cashmere blanket woven with summer sunshine and double rainbows. Obviously, she’s got some good energy (and is also a POWERFUL healer), and it’s contagious. She gave me the down low on how to protect your personal energy and vibes when you inevitably run into garbage human beings.

“You can feel negative or stagnant energy quickly,” says Julie. “The frequency of your personal space feels off instantly.” You might:

- Feel overwhelming emotions from out of the blue (sadness, malaise, anger, impatience, ennui)
- Have negative thoughts you’ve never imagined before pop into your head
- Experience nausea or fatigue
- Literally feel off balance (jk you're drunk! go home!) 

No matter how zen you are, you’ll inevitably run into someone with bad vibes, and sometimes that energy can be hard to shake. Here’s how to clear your field and get back to feeling normal if you have …

1 minute. Soul breathing: “Breathe in and out, visualizing white or golden light following from your crown, through your body, down to the core of Goddess Gaia Earth. You can even use the mantra, 'I am knowing I am ____.'”

15 minutes. Magic 7 meditation. “Find a quiet place, and sit with feet uncrossed on the floor. You want the energy to flow freely, so don’t cross arms or legs. Take 7 soul breaths in and out, and on the 7th breath close your eyes and visualize the white or golden light flowing from Earth, up through the crown of your head, and into the sky above you. Repeat, I breathe in peace, I breathe out peace, my Temple is filled with Higher self-peace and -love. Repeat the 7 soul breaths until you feel better. Give gratitude for your spiritual support tribe. (that’s us!)”

1 hour. Same Magic 7 meditation, but with more fun stuff. “Set this space to your mood and create the perfect ambiance. Cleanse yourself and your space with a sacred smoke of sageincense, or Palo Santo . Light a white candle, with a clear glass of water to welcome your angels, your spirit guides, and your spirit animals. The combination of fire, water, your breath for air and allowing you to ground yourself to Mother Earth. Have your journal and crystals next to you.Turn on your Zen music such as Tibetan bowls, Shamanic drumming if you want to journey, or soothing soul beats like Chakra tones. Have another glass of water  to sip on after your journey.”

So you’re finally clear. Now how do you keep that gross energy from latching onto you in the future? “I like to visualize myself surrounded by a golden light calling Saint Michael for protection,” explains Julie. “If you know what direction the negative energy is coming from, imagine the person surrounded by pink light, moving away from you like a tornado—like the Tasmanian Devil!”

Other ways to stay clear:
- Eat healthy foods and bless everything you eat, drink, and put in your mouth (Julie made a sex joke about this, so I'm assuming she really does mean EVERYTHING... also how much do you love that a shaman is making BJ jokes?) 
- Adorn yourself with crystal earrings, bracelets, rings, or necklaces. Black tourmaline is protective, while selenite and kyanite open you up to “your third eye and beyond, and can clear chakras, negative thoughts, vibes, and energy.”
- See yourself as a mirror. Your light is your reflection to brighten this world. Be love, be Grace, be your authentic self, and be a safe place for you. For it is your responsibility to make sure that you are keeping your Temple free from BS and always keep it 💯 !”

Book a crystal, reiki, or shamanic healing sesh with Julie here.

Michelle Pellizzon