Intuitive Tattoos

but like, should we get matching tattoos?!???

but like, should we get matching tattoos?!???

Being the kinda dreamy woo-woo but also quasi-contrarian Pisces that I am, the idea of getting a spiritually channeled tattoo (art-y! non-conformist!) is INCREDIBLY attractive to me. Like, Tom Hardy-without-his-clothes-holding-ice-cream-and-a-puppy attractive.

Justine Serebrin, of Intuitive Tattoo in Eagle Rock, does just that. Like a punk-rock princess with spirit guides, Serebrin uses crystals, tarot, intuitive readings, and channeling techniques to create unique designs inspired by your energy and your guides.  

The resulting tattoos have this dreamy, ethereal quality, and I’ve no doubt that they’re incredibly meaningful for the wearer. If getting a tat is akin to a spiritual experience, I can’t imagine a better place to get inked—whether you come in with a clear vision for the art you want on your bod, or decide to let Justine (and your spirit dudes) call the shots.

Michelle Pellizzon