Yes, You Need to Energetically Cleanse Your Crystals


Everyone who came to last week’s party got to walk away with a beautiful crystal from Energy Muse. It was very exciting.

Obvi, crystals are hardcore trending in the wellness space. It seems like everyone is walking around with rocks in their pocket. And whether you feel like they speak to you (literally?) or they’re just shiny pretty things that you enjoy keeping on your desk, it’s best practice to “cleanse” your gems before you adopt them as your own.

Proponents believe that every crystal has a unique energy, and that these little vibey beings can absorb energy from whatever surrounds them—good or bad. Extra foreign energy can throw your rocks out of whack and mess with your crystals’ ability to accomplish their given task or job. (Heather from Energy Muse says that crystals are just like people—they work best when they have a specific job to do. For example, if you’ve got a killer piece of selenite, you might ask it to clear your energetic field and expand your positive energy).

In order to get the most out of your crystals, and to make sure that they don’t throw off your personal energy, it’s important to cleanse and recharge them. It's not like they're going to explode or become possessed if you don't, but it's just best practice. 

Listen, that sounds absolutely nuts, I know. Seems weird bc it is weird. But think of it like washing your veggies—even if you get them from the $$$ organic grocery store, you don’t want other people’s hand germs all over your zucchini. And especially if you’re sensitive, it’s better to be safe than sorry, amiright?

Everything I know about crystals I learned from Energy Muse (they literally wrote the book on crystals !), so check out their site if you have more q's! 

BONUS: Recharge your crystals in the direct sun or under the light of a full moon. The neighbors will think you’re witchy AF.



Give ‘em a salt water bath

Drop your crystals in water with himalayan or dead sea salt for up to 24 hours to cleanse their energy.


Smoke them out with sage or palo santo

 Sage resets any energy, and palo santo cuts bad vibes and attracts positive energy.


Place them on selenite.

Selenite is a major cleansing mineral, and acts like an instant reset button for other crystals. Lay your babies on a selenite wand for a few hours to purify.

Michelle Pellizzon