Enter Sandman: Dreams As Messages


You might’ve noticed, especially if you’re a sensitive person, that over the past few days some *things* have come through. Maybe you were about to email someone, and they called you right before you hit ‘send.’ Or you couldn’t stop finishing your BFFs sentences when you hung out this weekend … almost like you were reading each others’ minds. Maybe you just knew something or acted on a hunch—and it proved to be correct.

According to my v mystical sources (of which I have many, who I text on a regular basis), that’s because “the veil is thin” around this time of year. Bc duh, Halloween. But also Samhain, and Dia de los Muertos, and All Saints Day. Lots of energy floating around out there, so the veil between the astral world and the physical world is tenuous. Don’t be surprised if you happen to receive more weird messages than usual over the next few days.

Dreams are the first place to look for secret spiritual messages written in invisible ink. Whether you think dreams are messages from your spirit guides, or just your subconscious mind trying to communicate with your conscious brain, they’re worth diving into and examining.

I tend to ascribe to analyst Carl Jung’s dream theory: The images in dreams are how the subconscious mind ‘talks’ to our waking mind. Every dream carries meaningful symbolism for the dreamer. If we take the trouble to listen to even our little night visions, we find they carry important messages.

Part of me lives in the conscious mind, and part of me—the complementary quality that completes the whole—is hidden in the unconscious.” - Robert Johnson  

If we can recall + analyze our dreams, we might find the answers to questions and problems we’ve been stumped by… and whether you’re getting the answers from your own inner knowledge or some outside force is totally up to your discretion.

But when the veil is thin, AKA NOW!, your dreams might have a little more umph to ‘em. Just a heads up. So, it’s the perfect time to start paying attention to what they’re saying.

Science proves that everyone has dreams. Literally everyone!!! The problem is, we tend to forget them as soon as we wake up.  And if you’re one of those people who insist that they don’t dream, that’s a lie. You totally do, dude. So here are a few tricks that’ll help with dream recall:

1. Keep a journal next to your bed. Every time you wake up, even/especially at 4 a.m., write down what you can remember. Don’t try to figure it out then—you can come back to it in the morning.

2. Use sleep hypnosis track to get into REM cycle and dream state. This one is extremely my shit.

Or, drink mugwort or chamomile tea before bed to encourage dream recall.

3. Sleep with crystals by your bed or under your pillow. Selenite, labradorite, flourite, and amethyst are all solid options to protect your astral body and deepen your dream state. (Dream world can get weirdddddd, so a little protection never hurt #theupsidedown)

OK. So you go to sleep, then dream. Now what?

  • Interpret your dreams. You are your own best dream expert. In some way or another, the images, people, and places in your dreams are meaningful and symbolic to you. So get bold with your interpretation. Maybe your dream about spilling raspberry kombucha at yoga actually represents that your old ‘healthy’ habits (yoga) don’t give you the same joy (raspberry kombucha = happiness, duh) like the used to and are actually draining and exhausting for you (hence the spillage). IDK. I don’t know you and your ‘booch relationship.

    I’m just saying, don’t be afraid to extrapolate the meaning of your dream into your real life. You can’t be wrong—if you’re interpreting honestly, you’ll feel the message ring true.

  • Make adjustments and plans. Listen to what your subconscious (or spirit guides, whatevs!) is trying to tell you. Adjust accordingly.

  • Rediscover ritual. The most innate, instinctual way to connect to our inner selves, intuition, and subconscious is through ritual. Practicing rituals regularly allows for an open, clear line of communication with your subconscious. They don’t have to be crazy-weird—your ritual could be as simple as making a cup of tea before bed, or deep breathing for a few minutes before you say goodnight. My ritual is super easy—I light palo santo before bed to clear my mind and cleanse my space.

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