I'm Listening: 17 Podcasts To Help You Make It Through Holiday Travel


For long car rides, airplane delays, and the inevitable I-need-to-be-alone moment that occurs every holiday season. 


That’s So Retrograde

Oh hello, just the very best gals with the biggest hearts and the funniest take on the weird, spiritual vortex that is LA.

Must-listen: Fall Into Wisdom with The Spiritual Owl

Luke Storey, The Life Stylist

Former fashion guy goes biohacker with a spiritual twist. Kinda love Luke Storey, but really love his guests.

Must-listen: Manifesting The Metaphysical With Lacy Phillips of Free + Native

Let It Out with Katie Dalebout

I got to meet Katie in NYC and holy moly, she da REAL DEAL. She’s also an OG podcaster (she’s been doing this for 5+ years, people) and you can tell. Girlfriend has it together. Subscribe, ya’ll.

Must-listen: Favorites + Gratitudes + Karen Behnke, Founder of Juice Beauty

Airplane Mode

Chic-suitcase brand Away’s very cute, well-produced travel podcast.

Must-listen: Traveling Well

Bird Talks

A podcast about women from all walks of life, and how they make it in this world.

Must-listen: Shira Lenchewski

Death, Sex, and Money

The title says it all. Check out their student loan series or their interview with famous people when they ask about their finances (fascinating!). But I’m a sucker for love—sorry, it’s the Pisces-Cancer-Scorpio in me—and those episodes are always my favorite.

Must-listen: Cut Loose: Your Breakup Stories

Where Should We Begin

Just TRY not to listen to all of these captivating couples therapy sessions, I dare you.

Must-listen: Trauma Doesn’t Like to Be Touched


Almost 30

Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik are real life BFFs who are just CURIOUS ladies. They very rarely filter themselves (good/bad thing, depending on the guest!) but have had some amazing people on their show.

Must-listen: Finding Your Identity + Peace Through Life’s Challenges with Biet Simkin (I’m obsessed with Biet!)

Reply All

The internet + tech can be confusing. Reply All is here to help. I regularly laugh out loud to this podcast … but my favorite episode will give you lots of FEELINGS.

Must-listen: The Cathedral

30 for 30

I don’t do sports? But I love this podcast? Probs bc it doesn’t have as much to do with athletics as it does with the human experience. Seriously, I know nothing about sports and I enjoy every moment of this podcast.

Must-listen: Yankees Suck

Live Awake

Do yourself a favor and download all of these beautiful, perfectly timed meditations before you do any holiday traveling.

Must-listen: Truly, all.

You Must Remember This

Well-researched amateur historian + impeccable storyteller Karina Longworth dives into the scandals, secrets, and forgotten histories of Hollywood. The Charles Manson + Dead Blondes seasons are my two favorites.

Must-listen: Charles Manson’s Hollywood

The Cookbook Deal

Might wanna rethink that book deal you’re trying to manifest after listening to this …

Must-listen: Spinal Taps + Advance Checks

Don’t Keep Your Day Job

This one can feel a little overwhelming to me (entrepreneurs get REALLY real about how tough it can be to do your own thing) but is certainly illuminating for anyone thinking of making a switch to doing their own thing.

Must-listen: Debbie Millman, How to Design Meaningful Work


Bridging Realities

C’mon, needed a good astrology pod on here, right?

Must-listen: Wading the Weird Waters of Pisces

Girlboss Radio

Don’t always love Sophia’s interview style … but man, are the guests good on this show.

Must-listen: What The Founder Of This Coveted Shoe Brand Wants You To Know About "Overnight Success"

The Pitch

Like Shark Tank for your ears. V helpful if you’re pitching anything to anyone, ever.

Must-listen: Tushy

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