Accessing the Akashic Records


I'd gotten as far as a cursory Google search before I gave up on the Akashic records.

The results I'd found were mostly web pages designed in the style of 1998 (ah, I am a sucker for WordArt, though) that used opaque, vague language. After skimming, I was more confused, and annoyed, than enlightened.

I do this, sometimes.

I purposefully avoid learning about something, usually when a concept seems too unnecessarily complicated or has too many arbitrary rules associated with it. Life already has so many strange complexities that seem to make no sense, I'm not so interested in learning about systems that are difficult to understand just for the sake of being difficult. Plus, I think that if that concept is worth comprehending, usually an IRL teacher pops out of the woodwork to demystify things.

But then this autumn the Akashic Records came up in two separate, big conversations—twice. The first time they were mentioned, I nodded my head and pretended to know what my companion was talking about (I did not!). Then my second friend, Katie, brought them up ... and I fully owned my ignorance. Katie is lovely and directed me to Helen Vonderheide, an Advanced Certified Teacher and Advanced Practitioner of The Akashic Records. 

Helen is warm, kind, hip, and not at all what I expected from someone who digs into your soul archives to see what's up. She made the somewhat esoteric idea of the records a lot more tangible and clear to me. Over a plate of Cafe Gratitude's Buffalo Cauliflower, Helen explained that literally anyone can access their own records (big fan of that sovereignty, ya know?). When they do, they'll be able to see, hear, feel, or just divinely know the answers to the questions they're asking. 

Questions can be anything from, What's my life's purpose? to Should I get the red Subaru or the white Toyota? There's no hierarchy of importance to our questions, and that's kind of cool. 

Helen kindly answered more of my more basic questions on the Akashic Records below. If your interest is piqued, I have good news—Helen teaches regular workshops in the LA area. Keep on reading to learn more about how to tap into your Akashic Records. 


What the heck are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records come from a Sanskrit word Akasha meaning primary substance, that out of which all things are formed. Akasha is an energy field and so sensitive that every thought and action registers an impression in this field. The Akashic Records are a vibrational record of a soul and its journey containing all past life, present, and future possibilities.

What can you use the records for?

The Akashic Records are used for deep soul-level insight, wisdom, and clarity into life's questions, energy healing, empowerment, a stronger connection to Source (God as some people call it) and so much more!

Are the records the same for every person?

 The Akashic Records are uniquely different for every single person and being of life. We all have our own Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones. They are three groups of high vibrational energy here to support our journey.

Who can access or read the Akashic Records?

Anyone can read and access their own Akashic Records. You have to have an open heart and an open mind. That being said, as a teacher I see my students struggle most with self-doubt. Trusting is essential. We use a sacred prayer to access the Akashic Records founded by Dr. Linda Howe.

Is it hard to learn how to use the records?

It is so easy to learn how to use The Akashic Records but as I mentioned trust and openness is essential. This is a spiritual practice just like yoga or working out it takes practice.

What's the best thing you've learned for yourself from the records?

Oh, I love this question! When I came to the Records I felt as if I had found the key to the universe. Deep healing took place. My MTLO's identified energy that was blocking me from having my hearts desires that NO ONE or ANYTHING could have identified. And most importantly I learned how to survive the human experience and create joy and gratitude in all I am here to learn, do and share! I could go on but that will all be in my book someday :)

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