Howl At The Moon: Real Release


Tomorrow’s a biggie.

There’s a full moon eclipse—which you can read more about here—but basically, la luna is supercharged. So you might be like, ‘So what am I supposed to do about that?’

Well, I might have a thing for you.

We’ve said it before, but the full moon ritual traditionally revolves around the idea of release. This goes back to our agrarian roots. The new moon was a time for farmers to plant seeds (intentions) and the yield of those seeds was harvested (released) under the light of the full moon.

Anyone who pays attention to the moon these days who isn’t an old-timey farmer (millennials, everyone who lives in Venice, anyone with the phrase ‘lightworker’ in their Insta profile, YOU AND ME!) typically follows this intention-release structure when orchestrating a moon ritual. For a full moon, you typically write a list of everything that you want to release—limiting beliefs, people, grasping tendencies, egoic thoughts—and then burn it to symbolically get rid of it.

If that works for you, do that.

But I want to conduct an experiment. What if we branched out from this esoteric, vaguely superstitious practice of release around the full moon and instead released something REALLY real … Something very specific, that could be a catalyst for creating really expansive things in your life …

What if we released something like anger?

I know, *shudder*. There’s this funny belief out there that enlightened or intelligent or spiritual people shouldn’t feel anger … but maybe that’s exactly why we shouldn’t shy away from it. We talked about this on our global call on Magical Anger two weeks ago (you can listen to it here, it was dope. Thank you to my co-facilitator Remy Ramirez + to the amazing women on the call). Here were the biggest takeaways:

1. Anger is human.

You can be a spiritually evolved person and still get angry—your evolution shows in how you decide to relate to that anger. My friend and teacher Celeste Young put it so nicely at her last retreat with InsightLA (my faaaaaaavorite!):

When you notice that you’re out of alignment with your intention, I encourage you to practice self compassion and beware of the shame spiral that can occur when something goes wrong in our life or when we find ourselves struggling in some way. Kristen Neff and Chris Germer, the founders of self compassion, describe it this way:

“I don’t like this feeling.”
“I don’t want this feeling.”
“I shouldn’t have this feeling.”
“Something’s wrong with me to have this feeling.”
“I’m bad!”
We move quickly from “I feel bad” to “I am bad.”

If we can practice self compassion in those moments, we can move out of feeling frozen or reactive and into responsiveness, to be able to choose again what we care about from a place of love and wisdom, that isn’t motivated by a need to “fix” ourselves.
— Celeste Young

2. “Anger is the primary emotional state that functions to uphold our boundaries”  

Or so says psychotherapist Robert Augustus Master in Spiritual Bypassing. Anger is a coping mechanism when our personal boundaries have been crossed. If it shows up, it’s an indication that something is wrong for us. Instead of judging it, ask why it’s joining the party.

3. Anger is a great catalyst and call to action.

Simply put, anger is fuel. It’s not good long-term fuel (it’s too draining to rely on anger daily to get things done), but it can kick your butt into gear temporarily.

4. Anger needs to be fully felt in order to be fully released.

Pema Chodron believes that if you sit with an emotion in totality—without judging it or running away from it—for 90 seconds, the feeling will truly pass. So often we only allow ourselves to feel a slight tinge of anger for a long ass time … like, I’ve been a little mad at some of my ex-boyfriends for years. YEARS! What a waste. Plus, not acknowledging our anger might make us physically sick. Maybe if we surrendered to deeply and completely feeling the emotion, it would leave us in peace.

So if we see and release our anger mindfully, it can actually progress our growth spiritually and emotionally. You feel? And perhaps we tie that release to the full moon to get a little freaky with it. SUPERCHARGED GROWTH. Sa-hooooo into that.

Here were some of the genius solutions crowdsourced through our call for releasing anger you might want to try tomorrow in addition to the write + burn method. 

  1. Indulge in a physical release: Out, Satan, OUT! Get those demon vibes out of your bod. Working with a somatic therapist can be a helpful way to learn how to safely release the anger you’ve been grasping onto physically. In the meantime, release kinetic energy however feels best—scream at the top of your lungs, punch a pillow, run so fast you think you’re going to barf—anything to exhaust the physical container.

  2. Pay attention to the throat chakra: Suppressing anger strains the throat chakra. Most Kundalini mantras and chants help with the throat chakra, but this kriya is particularly useful. I also really like this throat chakra herbal tea, which could totally just be marketing but I still really like it.   

  3. Try the Crown Pull: Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine for Women is a book I revisit often. The Crown Pull exercise is my all-time favorite. Because anger is so heady (have you ever ‘seen red’ in rage?), it’s helpful to straight up open up that Crown chakra to allow the energy to move through. According to D. Eden: “It brings a calm to your nervous system, releasing mental congestion, refreshing the mind, and opening you to higher inspiration.”

  • To do the Crown Pull, place thumbs on the sides of your head, fingertips at the center of your forehead.
  • Slowly, with a little pressure, pull your fingers apart. Repeat this movement at the crown, the curve of the back of your head, the atlas of your skull, the top of the neck, middle of neck, and bottom of neck, coming to rest your fingers on your shoulders.
  • Inhale deeply through your nose and our your mouth as you complete the exercise.
Michelle PellizzonComment