The Reiki-Infused, Microcurrent-Pulsing, Intuitive Facial Experience That Could Heal Your Relationship to Your Skin

Truly, I got three facials this year. I know that you're supposed to get one, like, every six weeks or something, but for some reason that doesn't seem feasible for my time budget ATM.  So I guess one facial every approximately 17.3 weeks is going to have to suffice. 

The first one was on my birthday at a fancy spa in Laguna Beach. The second was with Hayley Wood, the genius Therapeutic Skin Coach. And my final facial of 2017 was with Julie Civiello Polier at Take Care in Santa Monica. 

I wouldn't exactly call what happened in the room with Julie a facial, though. It was a healing, more than anything. It's funny—I didn't realize it before, but my whole life I've treated my skin and my face as something to aggressively fix. Certainly, the beauty industry encourages this thinking. We've been systematically conditioned to equate the pain of an extraction, the stinging of a chemical peel, or the suffocation of our pores from heavy makeup as a good thing. Pleasurable, even. 

So when I hopped up on Julie's table and didn't feel pain for the entire session, I was almost disappointed. I mean, bring on the acid, I wanna see results! I want my cheeks to look like the butt of a Korean baby! I want to look like an Instagram filter IRL! 

But that really got me thinking about how fucked up our relationships with our faces are. How often do you look at yourself in the mirror—and really see—without judgment? Without picking out your 'flaws' or tousling your hair so it looks a bit better? For me, it's almost never. And it was really after my session with Julie that I realized that. 

So, yes, the facials at Take Care are amazing (the microcurrent! OMG! you'll be so glowy after). But the deep down healing that actually happens during your session? That's the gold. Keep reading for more about these amazing treatments, and how to book if you're in NYC or LA. 

TakeCare_microcurrent anodes.jpeg

The facials at Take Care are super unique. What techniques do you use in your practice? Do they differ depending on the client?

No facial is ever quite the same. With each client being individual and unique, so is each treatment.

While we have microcurrent as the primary treatment, we also may use a supportive method called for and often the sessions will include one or all of these: Reiki healing, microdermabrasion, extractions, LED light therapy, angel work, cranial sacral, myofascial jaw release, intuitive readings, stem cells, kinesiology, masks or gentle peels.

It is our intention to come from a place of support rather than use methods that aim at harming the skin to achieve results and I feel that is very rare in the beauty industry.

Tell me more about the microcurrent facial. How exactly does it work, and what are the benefits?

Microcurrent is electrotherapy and works sub-sensory, so the treatments are non-invasive and soothing to the clients.

The electrical waves mimic the same waves the brain uses to communicate to the body. In essence, we are able to tap into the body's own healing methods. The electrical waves reeducate the cells of the skin so they are functioning at their most optimal level, targeting muscles by toning and lifting them, as well as improving the circulation of the lymph fluids, and the overall functioning in the layers of skin.

We use the best aloe gel, made by Osea, a Malibu-based and family-owned company, as a conductor over the skin and then use the positive and negative probes to achieve incredible results for almost all skin issues, be it aging skin, acne, rosacea, dehydrated or dry skin, melasma, burns, and so on.

Benefits include:

  • Lifts and tones facial muscles (non-invasive facelift)
  • Improves circulation, and increases collagen and elastin production.
  • Improves blood and lymph circulation
  • Restores elasticity, reduces redness and inflammation, minimizes healing time in acne lesions
  • Improves barrier function of skin
  • Increases skin metabolism and product absorption
  • Treats Bell’s Palsy and stroke paralysis, and fusing bones
  • Aids in the healing of tissue, which helps treat acne, by using the body’s own natural processes.
TakeCare_Julie Reiki.jpeg

You pair literal energy (microcurrent) with Reiki energy healing in your treatments. How does the Reiki complement the more superficial microcurrent treatment?

Applying Reiki healing in the sessions allows me to hold space for the client in a different way. I'm able to continually offer our clients the integrity of having their own process instead of trying to fix or manage the issues coming forward whether it's a skin issue, an issue with a relationship, or time of transition into greater awareness and emotional articulation.

Reiki also finishes the sentence that microcurrent starts. In our facials there can be a lot of energetic release, and Reiki so beautifully and intelligently channels that energy and recycles it into its the purest form of love and support.

Within any facial, the lymph is stimulated, which is the beautiful fluid that carries toxins away from our cells as well as delivers the nutrients we need. I feel Reiki can substantially support the lymph, by cleaning out each cell of anything that is no longer serving us, as well as clarifying the difference between self and others while also reaffirming the universal connection between all of us.

What's the coolest story you can share about working with a client who's seen big changes in their skin after working with you?

There are so many beautiful experiences I've been a witness to. A very young client of mine had severe acne, the kind that is cystic, and my intuition was nudging me to ask about her testosterone levels, I had an inkling they were very high, so I asked her about it. She got a hormone panel done with her doctor and indeed, her testosterone was exceedingly high. Using microcurrent, which is so healing for inflammation and also for scarring, as well as a few herbs and dietary adjustments I suggested, her acne subsided after several sessions.

Another client had beaten thyroid cancer and I had a feeling before she came in that doctors had removed her entire thyroid gland. Once she arrived and was comfortable on the table, I did some muscle testing and received several "yes" answers about some blockages I could feel in her neck. I finally asked her, and amazed she confirmed what I had felt. So I focused the microcurrent work on her neck and could feel after many passes, the blockages softening and dissolving, some of which was scar tissue. Emotion overcame her and she shared that for the first time in 20 years she could swallow normally since her surgery, nothing was blocked anymore.

In another session, an energy appeared in the room that identified itself as the client's mother. I could feel the energy of her hands on my hands and her loving warmth filled up the room. Towards the end of the session, I shared that his mother was present and asked if he'd like to hear what she was sharing. Bewildered and eager to hear her messages, he shared his mom had passed away 7 months ago and that their relationship while she was alive was very tumultuous and challenging. I offered what I was hearing from her and he responded it was very supportive and loving and he was very grateful I spoke up to share it.

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What can people do at home if they're not in Los Angeles or New York to get a little taste of what you offer?

I feel the most important thing everyone can do at home is develop a daily self-love practice. This can look any which way is the most supportive for each of you and it can also be tailored to what's going on that day, so whether you have 1 minute or 30 minutes, it all serves.

Some things in my toolkit of self-love practices are: epsom salt baths (I take one every night, sometimes adding essential oils or rose petals or orange slices or crystals), self massage on the face and the body (I feel this is huge because it helps develop the listening skills and tuning into our bodies, and if it feels good to implement gua sha, jade rollers, or lymph massage then great!), meditating, swimming in the ocean, chanting or singing at the top of my lungs while I'm driving in LA, pulling angel cards. And the two most important things for me are sleep and water!

Book a session with Julie at WMN Space on Sunday, January 14th in LA, or Saturday, January 27th. 

Michelle Pellizzon