SCORPIO TAROTSCOPE: How to Navigate The Spooky Season


We’re lucky enough to have esteemed Tarot card reader, Helen Schmidt, pull an astrologically-inspired card for the Holisticism community monthly. Using whatever’s happening in the cosmos, Helen taps into the energy of the Holisticism crew and asks for a message to relay from the cards. Keep reading to see what the Tarot said about Scorpio season, and learn how you can pull our own cards at home!


Scorpio is a fixed water sign. Over the weekend I binged on the latest Netflix show, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (based on the 90s classic, Sabrina the Teenage Witch). I bring this show up because this show encompasses Scorpio Season entirely! If you haven’t seen it yet just think: ancient sacred arts, death, power, and our shadow side.

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The Chariot


The Sun moved into Scorpio on Oct 23rd. Scorpio keeps things witchy. If we think about it, a lot of traditional witchy things (full moon intention setting, anointing, divination) are really about harnessing our power. So, I asked the cards what insight it wanted to give us as we tap into our power this season.

Obviously, each one of us will have varying types of power. On the surface this could look something like intellect, money, community, or influence. Regardless of what this could be for you, the Tarot wants us to remember that whatever it is that we identified that makes us powerful, is the tool that creates the next step to a goal we’re striving to achieve.

I say this because The Chariot came through. He asks us to look into any situation that feels more of a transition rather than a permanent situation. This generally feels like something that’s been ongoing or something that’s a bit redundant. The itch for something new. Know that it just takes your power to help you out of it. This is how you will finally experience the change you’ve been hoping for.


How to identify YOUR power

  1. Burn Palo Santo to clear the energy from the deck. Sit comfortably with your deck, holding onto them with both hands. Close your eyes. Say out loud the following: “Hi Tarot. The channel is open between you, [your name], and [other party’s name]. I am ready for your divine guidance around identifying my power.“

  2. Shuffle the cards for one full minute. Try to keep your eyes closed the entire time.

  3. When you’re done shuffling, fan the cards out in a crescent moon shape.

  4. Pull one card.

  5. This card represents you power. Connect with this card by sitting with it for a few minutes. Sitting still with this card will allow your power to come through you stronger, so you can identify it clearer. After you sit with it, check your guidebook to see what this card means. The meaning will help steer you to the answer.

  6. At the end of the reading, close the Tarot channel. Gather all of your cards, hold onto them with both hands again while you sit comfortably. Say out loud: Thank you Tarot for your guidance and wisdom. The channel between you, [your name], [your party’s name] is closed.

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