Tarotscope: Pisces Season


On February 18th, we moved from analytical Aquarius vibes to poignant little Pisces season. 

Ah, Pisces. The last sign of the Zodiac, it's said that Piscean people have already lived lives as all the other signs—they're almost otherworldly and easily empathize with anyone because, well, they've been there. Pisces is known as the most etheric sign. Like, standing-on-the-threshold-to-the-other-side levels of etheric. 

The next 30ish days in Pisces can be a time where you feel ultra-sensitive or extra perceptive. Kind of like a human sponge. Emotions might come through in a MAJOR way. That's because Pisces is a feminine, mutable water sign; it's versatile, adaptable, easily changeable. 

According to our resident Tarot expert and founder of 78 REASONS Helen Schmidt: 

There is no beginning or end with Pisces which helps easily drop the veil between anything it touches. This is our time to dive, swim, and collect in the ethereal world.
— Helen Schmidt

Kinda cool, yeah? Helen says that while this can be an excellent time to get answers and love notes from the Spirit side, it can also be difficult to decipher between what's real and what's fantasy. Great if you're dreaming up a new idea for a company ... not so great if you're trying to figure out if that guy is into your or nah. 

To help guide us through the opacity, Helen consulted the cards. Keep scrolling to see what we need to do to keep our vision clear for the next few weeks, and to learn how to pull your own, personalized answer from the Tarot for Pisces season. 


Pisces Tarotscope

Q: How can we balance ourselves as we swim in between the material and the ethereal world?

A: Prince of Disks

Keep it real.

Prince of Disks is the earthly manifestor who can clearly see what is real. That’s what makes him successful. There are tons of real things to collect in the ethereal world. It’s the real in the ethereal that stretches our imagination and possibilities.

However, some of the things floating around in this Otherworld can be too much of a stretch. It’s stuff that’s bordering delusion. When those things come back to the material world they cause chaos, blocks, and disappointment—we don’t want that. As we swim through the ethereal world ask yourself, “Is this real?” to everything you are collecting.

Whether it's an emotion, a relationship, or just an experience, always pose the question: Is this real? Sometimes it helps to completely remove yourself from the situation. Look at it as if you were regarding a friend's experiences or emotions—make your judgement call patiently and kindly, but be honest. Even if it's painful to admit or hear. 

You don't always have to know the answer right away. Just asking the question draws a healthy boundary for the perfect balance between material and ethereal.


Pull Your Own Pisces Season Advice 

Here’s how you can use Tarot (or Oracle) cards to get a better understanding of Piscean energy this season.

  1. Shuffle the cards. Fan the cards out in a crescent moon shape.

  2. Ask your cards: What is an additional clue I should look for when deciphering what is real during Pisces season?

  3. Scan the cards visually or with one hand. Stop at the card that is grabbing your attention. Pull that card out. Reference your guidebook on the meaning of the card. Apply this tip with the oh holisticism Tarotscope Tip during the next 4 weeks as you swim through the deep Piscean waters.

Michelle Pellizzon