Weird 101: What’s The Deal With Your Personal Energy Field or Aura?


Funny story.

I’m a writer. (Yep, this girl has a day job. Someone’s gotta pay for Bonnie’s dog food + HBO Go.) For my work, I often have to interview people who I maybe wouldn’t volunteer to hang out with on a regular basis. You know, peeps that aren’t ‘in alignment’ with my personal path or whatever.

Anyway, a little over a year ago something funny started happening.

I had been meditating a lot.
Going to kundalini regularly.
I was journaling every day and really listening to my intuition, trying to actively flex that muscle.

Almost overnight, I became extra sensitive to other people and their energy; and I noticed that when I had to hang with people who were kind of garbage-y human beings, I would get physically ill. One time my reaction to a particularly terrible Instagram personality was so bad, I had to cut our interview short and race to the parking lot to... you know. Vom city.

It was so. weird. And not cute.  

Thankfully, I’ve gotten things a bit more under control when it comes to riding other people’s energetic waves. But those few weeks really proved the power of energy to me, something that I’d been really skeptical of for a long time. (VERY SKEPTICAL.) Our bodies have a physical energetic aura to them, and your ‘aura’ or energetic field really can affect the people around you in a positive or negative way.

According to the Kundalini yoga tradition, the aura is everything. From 3HO:

The aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds your body; it acts as a container for your life force, bringing confidence, security, mercy, and love. A strong aura attracts positivity and repels negativity, like a shield… It gives a strong sense of security and an uplifting presence.
— 3HO

And Kundalini isn’t the only belief system that’s all about the aura—that’s essentially what a halo is, no?

Technically, all living things generate a biomagnetic field, which could definitely be interpreted as an aura or energy field. The science is still out, though, on whether you can technically ‘strengthen’ or expand your biomagnetism, aka energetic field.

In Kundalini, the human aura expands 9 feet in every direction. But, in my experience, some people have more potent energy than others. They truly feel more magnetic—you’re attracted to them, want to spend time with them, feel good around them, get energy by being with them, and unnaturally wonderful and kismet things happen when you’re in their presence.

We all wanna be that person, right?

There are so many ways to make your aura more radiant (hiiiiii Phoenix, we’ll chat about all this on 3/18 at our event, Brighten + Expand Your Energetic Field!), and so many schools of thought that encourage it.  There are crystals, mantras, yoga poses, palo santo sticks, and colors (all white er’thang) that can help. But I think one of the simplest ways to expand your aura is to just get more clear inside of yourself. It’s your life force, right? So, to strengthen your aura, maybe do more things that bring you to life.

Perhaps that’s making art, or being with friends, or moving, or dancing, or laughing. Maybe it’s forgiving those old grudges and deciding to move forward in life with lightness. It definitely has something to do with cleaning out the internal cobwebs and shining up your chakras a little bit, either through meditation or Reiki or breathwork or therapy. Or all of the above, you holistic mystic real life human.

Tell me your aura tricks—I’m curious!