TAROTSCOPE: Aries Season


Behold: new astrological season, new tarotscope!

Our friend and founder of 78 REASONS, Helen Schmidt, pulls an astral-inspired reading for the oh holisticism community. These customized readings are done especially for us (soy special!) and help us navigate through the next four weeks with a different kind of specificity than your horoscope reading.

We moved into spicy Aries last week on March 20th. Cue theme song ‘Fire’ by Big Sean. Aries is a cardinal fire sign—according to Helen, it has “the kind of energy that helps you find your inner fire to go after your vision through an independent trailblazing kind of way.”

“This is a time to branch off, do your own thing, and explore new territory on your own. Remember, you have the resources to survive on your own,” says Helen.


This month, Helen pulled three cards for us. Each card represents a skill, tool, or attribute we should embody as we branch off into this unknown territory. Keep scrolling to see what you need to remember this Aries season.


Ace of Wands
The Aeon
10 of Swords

Even when we think we want change, we could be the reason why the change is not happening. How many times have you gotten in the way of your own success? I know I’m guilty of that myself. When embodying Aries Sun energy in the next couple of weeks, there could be a tendency to get in our own way.

As we branch into unknown territory to pioneer uncharted land, it’s important to not only trust that opportunity (Ace of Wands) that starts this new adventure, but to accept the change that comes with it (Aeon) and allow this new energy space to grow (10 of Swords).

Ace of Wands is a fresh new flame. It can turn into an enormous opportunity or it can dissipate back to nothingness. So, trust that it can become this enormous opportunity you’re envisioning.

Trust that with any new adventure or new beginning that it will mean change—the Aeon. As you make ballsy moves, it will mean everything in your world will shift. It’s important to not freak out to that change and give it some space to settle.

On the topic of space, the 10 of Swords reminds us not to fixate on any negative thought processes as we take on this new venture. Allow ideas, thoughts, and your mind to take a break and live freely.

Michelle Pellizzon