Mesmerize: Human Cartography and Hypnosis to Change Your Brain With Morgan Yakus


I’m looking at a notecard that I wrote a year ago, the day I met Morgan Yakus.

On a whim, I went to a hypnosis and acupuncture workshop with my BFF that Morgan and Carolyn Barron were hosting. I’d just gone through a breakup, was pretty disenchanted with my “dream job,” and was just feeling a bit unmoored. I wasn’t unhappy! But I wasn’t like, soooooo happy.  A few weeks before, I’d woken up with this word ‘holisticism,’ in my head. I knew I wanted to do something with it, but I didn’t know what or how.

At the workshop, Carolyn used acupuncture to open our third eye (so dope!), and Morgan used hypnosis to help us accomplish our goals. I wrote down some things that seemed totally implausible, sat through the workshop, and left feeling really wonderful. But, honestly, I wasn’t completely convinced that I’d been “changed,” for better or worse. Sorry, it’s the ever-present skeptic in me—I’m always ready to call B.S. on shit that doesn’t work.

In the interim, Morgan has become a friend. She’s just the embodiment of oh holisticism—she’s this incredible blend of business genius, herbal goddess, and intellectual mystic healer. In February, after hanging with Morgan, I found my original card. Everything that I’d written had transpired. It was a very cool moment.

Since then, I’ve done a 1:1 session with Morgan and, whoa, was it powerful. I believe there is a lot of healing we can do on our own to work past limiting belief systems or to cope with trauma—but sometimes you need an expert to really dig deep with you to help you reach the next level of development.

Morgan is definitely one of those people for me. She expertly blends the realistic stuff with the woo-woo. In my session, we worked through my personal blocks around $$$$ and business. After, I immediately noticed a shift in how I show up for my consulting clients and in my thinking around personal business expansion.

Scientists who have been studying the brain now have a more in-depth understanding of the brain’s neuroplasticity, and how it works: They know that through cognitive practice, we can shift our thinking, communicating what habit to create instead; neuroplasticity allows us to do this, rewiring the neurons together. 
— Morgan Yakus

You use a lot of different modalities to help your clients release old thought + behavioral patterns and create new neural pathways. Do you have a favorite, and why?

My technique which I created is called Human Cartography, it is a blend of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, and Active Meditation. I like to meet the client where they are based on what their needs are. I help them reframe the past and the future so they can be more present, which leaves them feeling freer and at ease.

I am always surprised at how quick NLP techniques work—I call them “consciousness hacking techniques”. I like to teach clients how to use them outside of our sessions, as they can dissolve tension or stress in any situation quickly. NLP is a method of reframing patterns, through the use of language and visuals, unfreezing what has been frozen that keeps the person in a specific pattern. It enables a person to recode the way the brain responds to situations and manifest new and better behaviors they desire.

Why do clients typically come to see you?

I coach my clients in all areas of their lives, whether it be with patterns and blocks related to family, love, trust, intuition, body confidence, weight loss, physical ailments, work, focus, creativity, dispel eating habits and cravings, manifesting the best future self, etc.

During my twenty years in fashion, I never saw myself doing this in my next chapter. [Ed. note: Morgan was the owner and co-founder of popular NYC boutique, No. 6]. I knew I wanted to help people later on, and doing this work has exceeded my expectations.

Through my Human Cartography coaching, I have seen clients find jobs that they love, start businesses fearlessly and become successful, move through difficult situations easily, lose weight, break addictions, meet the loves of their lives, and become even more confident about who they are and happier overall. They leave my office with a deeper understanding of who they are, how they are in control of their thoughts, and what they can manifest and create feeling it can be easier.

What happens in a session with you?

I work with clients to map the patterns they want to change and support them in designing the outcome and life they want.

During a session, a client is able to access their own neural networks and let the subconscious know they don’t need a particular habit anymore. Because we have neuroplasticity, we are actually in total control of our brains and can change unwanted patterns. Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to learn and adapt to the environment.

Scientists who have been studying the brain now have a more in-depth understanding of the brain’s neuroplasticity, and how it works; they know that through cognitive practice, we can shift our thinking, communicating what habit to create instead; neuroplasticity allows us to do this, rewiring the neurons together. When we are experiencing a block in our lives, a particular neural network lights up.

Neuroplasticity can be created by interrupting those networks with positive new thoughts and visuals, which is desired by the client. The idea is that the brain reframes the block and begins to create new audio and visuals the next time the trigger or block appears by shifting what the mind had been referencing. Research shows we can actively affect how our brains rewire themselves to create new neural networks and override preexisting ones.

My work often incorporates a combination of NLP, hypnosis, and visualization techniques to achieve the client's desired outcome. The work takes place over time; eventually, the clients find themselves living in a new pattern, which is further strengthened as they consciously work to change their thinking around a particular issue. Through this cognitive work, neural networks change, resulting in a different, healthier response to a particular situation. In tandem, I teach my clients tools, interruption techniques, and self-hypnosis so they can navigate their everyday life smoothly after a session.

How many sessions does it take to see changes?

Everyone's patterns and set of experiences are different. I will usually email or speak with someone about what they want to work on and suggest a plan of how we can work together.

I have seen people create big shifts after one session. Typically, it’s two to three sessions and then people like to come three months or six months later to work with other patterns (for example, excessive stress, weight loss, and receptive habits are usually three sessions). My goal is to help the person change their filters for the life they want and give them the tools so they work with themselves.

Do you ever hypnotize yourself?

Yes! I use techniques on myself all the time. It's a good way to keep myself fresh, and it helps me discover new ways of working with my clients.

I began this journey by receiving hypnosis and first doing a Past Life Regression and working on myself.

What are you passionate about helping in others?

I enjoy working with all my clients around the world and seeing their potential of where they can move into. I often stay in touch and love to follow their progress of the changes they make and what they manifest for themselves. Beyond working with individual clients, I love to travel, lead large meditations, and teach workshops either at festivals, events, conferences, companies and or healing studios.

Group work is also amazing and very transformative. I was just in SXSW leading large active meditations for Mercedes-Benz, and I was surprised how many people came up to me after or a couple days later and/or emailed me about the transformative experience they had.

What are you passionate about healing in yourself?

I am always working on myself in all areas of my life. I have had an amazingly full life, not without some bumps. It's like peeling an onion: once you remove a layer, there is always something underneath. Currently, at the moment, working on saying yes to what feels good, not because I think I should do something!

Book an in-person session with Morgan in NYC or LA. Morgan also works with clients around the world via Skype, and teaches classes and workshops regularly. Follow her at @mind__waves to stay up to date!

Michelle Pellizzon