Weird 101: Applied Kinesiology / Muscle Testing Explained

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image via Pinterest

“Ask your body for the answer.”

Although I fully support that ^^^ idea, I still sometimes get annoyed when someone asks me to do it. Typically the body answers in subtleties. A dull ache here, a mild tightening there. The body is so quiet, some people go their entire lives without hearing it.

So when I hopped up on Nicole Webb’s treatment table for a muscle testing session and my body answered her questions with resounding YES or NO, I was intrigued.

Muscle testing, or applied kinesiology, is a kind of old school methodology. Pioneered in its modern from by Dr. George Goodheart, applied kinesiology hinges on the principle that that benign stimuli increases the strength of certain muscles while hostile stimuli makes muscles suddenly weak.

Here’s an explanation from the book, Power vs. Force, which champions the practice:

“The implication was that a level far below conceptual consciousness, the body “knew,” and through muscle testing was able to signal, what was good and bad for it.”

Basically, give your body an option that’s ‘healthy’ or good for it (i.e. salad!) and your muscles will respond by getting stronger. Introduce something nasty—like Splenda—and they’ll weaken or retract because they know it’s bad for your body.

The cool thing is that you can use the muscle testing technique to get answers to pretty much everything. You can ask any questions you want—even emotional stuff. For example, in my session with Nicole, we asked about why I was so tired all the time (bod says: no more coffee or matcha), if I can eat gluten (bod says: yep, ur good), and about boyz (sorry, not telling you about that one).

In the interest of full disclosure, there is very little scientific research that proves the accuracy applied kinesiology. To be fair, science can be a bit slow on the uptake when it comes to alternative healing practices, yah know?

For me, the process was definitely interesting—I immediately asked Nicole if she could teach me how to do muscle testing on myself. Why wouldn’t I want to have another tool in my toolkit that could help me live a more aligned life? Angel that she is, Nicole obliged and did one better; she’ll be teaching us all how to do muscle testing on our own bodies at our next oh holisticism event on April 19th.

Learn how to do muscle testing on yourself with Nicole Webb (stoked) and then learn how to create an intuitive self-care routine with Hayley Wood (super stoked). Sign up here!

Michelle Pellizzon