TAROTSCOPE: Gemini Season


We’re back with another fun holistic, mystic, but still very realistic ritual to help you connect to yourself and your goals this month.

Welcome to Gemini season. Shit’s about to get really fun, in an  I’m-going-to-throw-myself-two-birthday-parties kind of way. Geminis, we love you. You’re the outgoing, fun, creative, cute ~but kind of neurotic~ friend we all need. And Gemini season feels like that, too. Think: more parties, more social outings, more mind-expanding opportunities. It’s possible to get caught up in it, a little like a tornado.

Don’t pull a Dorothy. Get grounded and allow your subconscious mind to communicate what you need by pulling a set of cards. It’s not divination—it’s self-exploration. Our resident Tarot guide, Helen Schmidt, leads the way.


Gemini is a mutable AIR sign. It rules our mind, specifically in the area of our thoughts and communication. Reading everything, having deep intellectual conversations, and hitting up social events charge this creative energy. These actions help us accumulate ideas, form opinions, and eventually share our grand visions.

The Sun moves into Gemini on May 20th. This season is about learning, getting inspired by what you discover, and most importantly, sharing your genius ideas with others. Be the information broadcaster.

But, Gemini can push us to run our mouths a little too much … and sharing your exciting news or ideas before they’re ready can result in self-sabotage. Helen consulted the cards for us, asking for greater clarity on which brilliant ideas we should encourage and pursue and which we should table for now.

oh holisticism Card Pull

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Q: How do we know which ideas are worth pursuing and sharing?

A: 3 of Wands

There’s soooo much inspiration this season. Our minds will be very stimulated; the brain will feel like it’s playing a game of ping pong, with an endless loop of ideas bouncing around.

Some will be on course, and some so off. It’s not easy to stay grounded and maintain perspective when we’re in our heads so much. So, how can we tell which ideas are worth exploring and which we should just recycle back into the Universe for someone else?

Three of Wands says we won’t know until we try. Let the idea sink or swim. Give it a test run. That’s how we will only know if it’s part of our greater purpose, path, or destiny. Sun (⊙) in Aries (♈) on the card says to drop the fear—fear of being judged, fear of failure, and even fear of success. Really though: who cares what people will think of it?

Your idea could just be the catalyst to something bigger. It might lead you to your future husband, or even get you a six-figure job offer. You won’t know the possibilities until you try. Don’t sit on the idea too long, either. The energy on the card is purely action-based. Get to it before anyone else can.

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OK, your bright ideas are now formulated and you’re ready to test run them into the real word. Let’s now weigh out HOW best to go through this process.

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Here’s how you can use Tarot (or Oracle) cards to receive tarot’s advice on your ideas.

  1. Gemini energy loves options, it’s how this energy knows for sure it went with the best option possible. So, I want you to write down three ways you can test run your idea.

  2. Begin your Oh Holisticism x Abrabinah Gemini Tarotscope Playlist (recommended with headphones).

  3. Burn Palo Santo to clear the energy from the deck. Sit comfortably with your deck, holding it with both hands. Close your eyes. Intuitively communicate the following to your deck:

    Hi, Tarot. The channel is open between you and I. I am ready and excited for your divine guidance around _____.

  4. Shuffle the cards for the duration of at least one full song. Try to keep your eyes closed during the full song. Listen to the lyrics, feel the rhythm, observe any visuals you see, and listen to any words that stick out.

  5. When you’re done shuffling, fan the cards out like the shape of a crescent moon.

  6. Take a moment to think about your first option. Ask the cards to tell you which card will best represent the outcome of this option. Scan the cards visually. Stop at the card that is grabbing your attention. Pull that card out and flip it over. Do this for each plan you brainstormed.

  7. Reference your guidebook on the meaning of each card. Take notes on what feels true or sticks out the most to you while you read up on each card.

  8. Follow the plan that leads to the outcome you want. Also, look at all the cards you pulled. This tells another story.

  9. Close the channel at the end of every reading. Gather all of your cards, hold onto them with both hands again while you sit comfortably. Intuitively communicate to the deck:

    Thank you, Tarot, for your guidance and wisdom. The channel between you and I is closed.

For another set of eyes on your DIY Gemini Spread, shoot $5 to @helenisthemoon Venmo + insta DM the spread @abrabinah ❤️ Helen will give you 2-3 sentences on what she sees.

Michelle Pellizzon