3 Rituals for the New Moon in Gemini

new moon

Happy new Moon!

I try to always remain neutral, but I'll admit I prefer the new moon to the full moon any day of the week. Sure. A bright, juicy full moon is pretty stunning. It feels powerful—just the sight of it makes us stop what we're doing to take it in. But just because it's dark and hidden doesn't mean the new moon isn't equally potent.

Traditionally, the new moon is a time to create and set intentions. Representative of fertility, the new moon allows these grand dreams and goals to 'take.' And then a few weeks later, at the full moon, you can take stock of what's happened or blossomed so far, and what you need to do next to fulfill your intentions. 

I'm the queen of blowing off rituals, but I do believe they're important. 

When we ritualize something—whether that be cooking dinner, washing our faces, or writing down our goals and intentions for the upcoming month—we assign greater value and importance to that thing. How different does your dinner taste when you slide it out of the plastic container and zap it in the microwave versus when you spend a few more minutes chopping, sautéing, and cooking it yourself?  

I don't want my goals and dreams to be the equivalent of a sad HotPocket. I want them to be a golden-brown, perfectly cooked, extra cheesy hand-rolled calzone. 

So! Here are a few new moon rituals from some of our favorite Holisticism practitioners that you can totally use for inspiration tonight. Expand upon them if you're feeling extra, or abridge them if you're tight on time. Or, just don't do anything around the new moon, if you don't feel like it. NBD! Just remember—you're worth the calzone. 

Andi Scarbrough

I've has been a beauty professional for more than 15 years. In that time, I've come to understand the intrinsic connection between our modern self-care practices, the magic of transformation, and opportunity for a ritualized release.

With a diverse base in Spiritual Psychology, Shamanism, and Mystical Christianity, as well as Reiki, breath-work, and dream-interpretation, I believe that the real magic of life is found in making purposeful the often

overlooked and mundane moments (like a hair appointment!). Since I believe the recognition and appreciation of beauty is one way we can tap into the resonance with Love and Spirit, my mission is to bring meaningful connection and ceremony back into beauty service offerings, and support other stylists in cultivating their own whole-being beauty offerings and integrating their intuitive gifts into their business.

I offers a variety of treatments, from Reiki powered/ essential oil infused/ CrystalComb revitalizing treatments, to ritualized haircuts akin to a shamanic cutting-of-cords ceremonies, to private and small group Crown Chakra activating breath-work sessions and guided Crystal Comb-out practices.

my new Moon Shit

The new moon is a typically a time for planting seeds. For me personally, this one is a time for calling in surrender and trust.  This new moon is an especially potent one, as we will be climbing into and over the tipping point of Summer Solstice. By this time of year, the seeds have long been planted—and, in theory, we are resting a bit before the harvest. We are in a place of trusting that what we planted will bring fruit, and the busy work of detailed planning is over.  

This dark moon begins the descent into longer nights, and as such, I will honor the night with a new bedtime ritual and begin a moon-cycle-long process of asking to receive guidance in dream form.  

A New Moon Exercise to Try  

My ritual is about setting the intention for what I’d like to learn, see, or experience in dream. Since everything in reality starts first as a dream, I will be asking to experience the full fruition of my goals for rest fo the year,  ask to be shown what additional work needs to be done, and receive any other insights that may serve my highest good.

  • A nice cuppa tea: mugwort tea enhances dream vibrancy and recall.

  • Take notes: I may do a free form writing, or journal about my question or intention is for the dream-time, leaving space to record what came forward in the morning.

  • Anoint yourself: blend a little blue lotus oil (an essence said to assist with lucid dreaming) with frankincense (both crown and root chakra activating and balancing) and apply a few drops to both feet and scalp

  • Intentional beauty: I mindfully comb out my hair (since hair is our antenna to Spirit, it helps to have it untangled!) with the new Galaxite CrystalComb (a micro-labradorite which both clears the energetic field of the day’s noise and helps to open access to the dream realms and higher guidance).

  • Clear the container: I listen to my favorite chakra tuning app (literally called “the chakra tuner”) , running the tones from the crown down, so as to embody and retain the divine guidance I am asking to receive.

  • Go the f*ck to sleep: lepidolite under my pillow helps me relax and fall asleep easily, while garnet on my bestie table helps bring me back into my body easily in the morning, letting me wake up grounded and able to recall and record my dream—before I look at my phone. ;)

Julie Evonne Washington

As a Professional Licensed Holistic Esthetician, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Crystal Healer, and Psychic Intuitive Reader, I have 20 years of extensive experience and knowledge within all facets of the healing arts, aesthetics, Tarot/Oracle, and mindfulness. 

I’ve changed the personal lives of many people during my 8 years in private practice. It is my intention that by connecting with spirit and sharing what is being shown to me, that my clients will be able to expand their understanding and perception of their life to see a broader perspective of themselves and their life situation. 

Energy Healing and Intuitive Reading is not a job to me, it is my soul's calling and I love this work. I believe that having an empowered life and feeling grounded in one's personal truth is possible for everyone. Nothing satisfies me more than helping people find this for themselves.

My Full Moon Shit

Do you know why I really love New Lunas? Because it is the perfect time to burn shit. And by burn shit, I mean releasing the old fears and patterns and habits that are smothering you and your creativity.

As we step into New Luna energy each month, we are moving from waning lunar energy (release) into waxing lunar energy (bring). We are RISING in the New Luna lunation (the time from one New Luna to the next New Luna). And that calls for a ceremony that helps you burn shit and release AND because we never release without filling that space, we plant, we invite new energies to replace the tired, worn excuses and fears.

Imagine, every month we get to hit the reset button; to start again; to invite new intentions and consecrate them for our divine pursuit of bliss! The energy changes each month according to the sign that the New Luna takes on, but this ceremony may be used anytime, and especially at the New Luna.

A Full Moon Exercise to Try 

Gather crystals, essentials oils and mists, mala beads, cards for divination, fabric, Goddess images, symbols of your intentions, symbols that make you feel powerful and focused. Use these items to hone your intention setting and ceremony. Research what Goddesses align with your intentions or your personal Goddesses.

What you need for the New Luna Intention Ceremony (may be used for any New Moon):

  • A vessel in which you can burn shit like a censer,cauldron, firepit, or abalone shell.
  • A place where you can safely burn shit without setting off the fire alarms
  • A gorgeous big, smelly, decorated, whatever-you-want-kind-of candle that represents NEW for you
  • 3 small tealight or votive candles(representing past, present and future)
  • Paper and pens (colored pens make me happy)
  • Obstacles, fears, excuses, and shit
  • Intentions, Seeds, Hopes, Commitment, Wishes, and Love
  • Smudge, palo santo, sage, copal, resin, or incense
  • Things that make you feel magical, focused, and powerful – create a mini-altar with a statue, crystals, flowers, meaningful items that reflect your intentions
  • Music that lights you up

On the night of the New Luna, get yourself into a quiet and meditative space that allows for burning or do that portion outside and return inside to set your intentions.

  1. Look over your journaling and notes and pick three intentions to seed within the next lunation. Create an altar to your intentions if you are moved to do so. This makes a great focal point for manifestation!
  2. After you choose your intentions ... those gorgeous little seedlings ... I want you to right down on a piece of paper all the obstacles (real and imagined) to manifesting those intentions.
  3. Light your charcoal or set fire to the obstacles and allow them to burn in your container. Watch them burn. Feel them LEAVE your energetic field.
  4. Now, burn some smudge, Palo Santo, or copal incense to purify the space and make way for NEW.
  5. Have a tealight or votive candle ready for each of your intentions as well as a larger center candle. Write each intention on a piece of paper that will be placed under the smaller candles.
  6. Breathe deeply ... say a prayer ... breathe more ... call upon Goddess ~ God ~ Spirit Guides~Ancestors to assist you in seeding these intentions.
  7. Speak each intention aloud and end with a positive affirmation like—it is SO ... I will it ... So be it...
  8. After speaking the intention aloud, light the small candle and place the paper underneath. Do this for each intention, seed.
  9. Sink into the moment. Let the music carry you away. Speak the intention, see the intentions, FEEL the intentions. This is a good time for gratitude journaling, praying, chanting, breathing.
  10. Finish and close with gratitude. Send blessings out to all you love, to your Guides, your Goddesses and Gods. After, place the ashes from your burnt shit into moving water or sprinkled to the winds. Let it GO. Allow your small candles to burn out. Use the large candle for future meditations and intention manifesting as needed for those goals.
  11. Continue to “water” your seeds with meditation, focus, chanting. Adjust appropriate actions and ways to manifest throughout the lunation. Renew them at each New Luna!


Hayley wood

After receiving my license in Esthiology in 2006 at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I have delved into the skin care industry with a love for holistic health care, a need for constant education/growth, and most importantly, an open heart. 

Having been trained by some of the best plastic surgeons in the world, along with my background for holistic care, I have developed the intuitive ability to find the root of most skin care issues. Not only will you feel more knowledgeable about your overall health and well-being, you will get continued support and guidance post treatment. Combating inflammatory based conditions such as acne, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation are my strengths.

My Full Moon Shit

My whole treatment room is filled with healing crystals so I make it a point to charge them under any new moon, full moon, or universal shift. I also enjoy a lot of quiet time to reflect on what my heart is communicating with me during these powerful new moons.

    I always find myself to be so tired during these times so it's important for me to recharge with an Epsom salt bath with lots of palo santo and a deep meditation. I feel so renewed and ready to help heal and guide my clients through their new moon discoveries as well. 

    A Full Moon Exercise to Try 

    Many of my clients feel disconnected from what their skin is communicating with how their overall emotional wellbeing is doing. The truth is that if we feel amplified in any emotion, it will reflect on the skin. This is especially true during the intense shifts of a new or full moon because we are always in evolution—if we're lucky—so we constantly have to find the lessons in the growing pains.

    It's a bummer but since I didn't create the body, I find that a simple mindset shift can help us feeling hopeless to empowered by our bodies communication. A breakout or a flareup can help you uncover so much about yourself which leads to the solutions of how to care for yourself in the most intuitive ways. The skin's communication is nothing to be ashamed of or run away from because the body works in a beautiful way to communicate exactly the type of balance it is seeking.

    Which is why I believe intuitive self-care is key! If you are experiencing a high level of heat and inflammation, your system is communicating that it needs rest and cooling. Do less, treat less, think less. Life is all about balance and once we can tap into those signals or clues that our body is guiding us with, we feel so much more grateful for the overall lessons in those growing pains. Take some time to tune into your intuitive self-care practice (or practices) of choice during the new moon and enjoy what you discover about yourself. Your skin will thank you by reflecting your truest radiance!