How to Deal With This Week's New Cancer Moon + Solar Eclipse


new cancer Moon + solar eclipse = crazy-powerful shifts!

 "In truth, a solar eclipse is really a new moon on steroids," says Susan Miller, astrology demi-goddess. 

Eclipses have always been auspicious—or suspicious—omens. 

Ancient Babylonians thought they forecasted the death of the king. In Benin and Togo, indigenous tribes believed that the eclipse signaled the time to forgive neighbors and enemies. And the Vikings thought eclipses signaled total apocalyptic destruction—zero chill. 

In modern astrological interpretations, eclipses work in pairs and represent big shifts—beginnings and endings. Look back on the last eclipse, a full lunar event on January 31st, 2018. If you have some unfinished business from around that time, it might come up again during the upcoming solar eclipse on July 13th ... time to learn your lessons, bb. 

And as Ms. Miller so eloquently stated, the new moon/solar eclipse combo is a pretty powerful time. If you're usually lax about writing intentions or goals around the new moon, this week is the time to really set aside an evening to lay out your vision for the next six months. There's a lot of momentum happening, and you want to harness it. 

We tapped a few of our favorite Holisticism practitioners to explain the feels of this moon a little more clearly, and give us some inspo for how to really use the lunar cycle to our advantage. Expand upon their practices if you're feeling extra, or abridge them if you're tight on time. Or, just don't do anything around the new moon, if you don't feel like it. You do you, friend! 

helen vonderheide

When I discovered the Akashic Records it was as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I now know that everything happens for a reason, but in that moment of darkness the only speck of light was the Akashic Records. 

Through the insight of the records, I revealed more wisdom into what makes me tick, how to find true peace and happiness in the journey, and above all else, to trust myself more. I recognized that I had to choose me - I had to put me first, take care of me first, detach from the outcome, hold the vision, and trust the process. 

This amazing awakening through the Akashic Records brought me so much peace and clarity, enabling me to take the necessary steps forward. I know that I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t stepped out of my comfort zone and done something different, to really take the time to understand my path and the lessons that were set before me. I had to show others how to do the same! If I could wield this powerful tool to guide someone like you in stepping out from the shadows and into their greatness, then that was what I wanted to do.

 I decided to become a Certified Akashic Reader so that I could help you gain the courage and clarity needed to live a truly inspired, successful, and happy life - to be as great as you can be!

I offer Akashic Records readings to empower, honor, dignify, and elevate the person getting read. 


my new Moon Shit

I like to moon bathe and soak in all the moon's energy. It empowers me in identifying what I need to let go of so that I can bring in something new! So I just sit under the moon, take deep breaths, smile, feel, and listen. When I feel the charge, I know I am good to go!


What to know about this new moon 

I would like to share a significant experience I am having around this upcoming new, super moon. The shifting energies are helping me realize that my romantic relationship has become a bit stagnant and that I want a partner to build a life with. I saw that my boyfriend was in my life to lift me up, show me a bigger view, and allow me to see what I could not see without him. I saw the infinite possibilities when it comes to choosing a life partner. In expressing this to my boyfriend, he came to the realization that he also wants a partnership and that he will try to meet me at this higher level.

My takeaway from this experience is that when your awareness is expanded, it allows you to believe in yourself and your loved ones to really see them! During this moon cycle, try to identify a significant relationship. It may be one in that is troubled, or in which you hold resentment, anger, or pain. What is this relationship teaching you and why? Start to identify how the behaviors and actions of this individual allow you to expand your awareness and discover a whole new world of opportunities and possibilities!

I am sharing this insight because so often, we get attached to relationships, to “our teachers.” When matters of the heart are involved, it is impossible not to.

 We can lose sight of what it is we really want and what would best serve our highest life state, and end up settling instead. We have the choice every day to live in fear or to live in trust. Maybe one of your relationships is not meeting you at your higher level. If this is the case, express it! In the end, we all need to thank our "teachers," send them off with love, and open our hearts to exciting new surprises! 

It can be hard to see the path forward, especially in the midst of heartache or uncertainty. We may need a little more guidance and insight to figure out what it means to live at our highest level. For me, connecting to the wisdom of the Akashic Records has been so incredibly helpful in healing me and showing me the way to my true self. The classes I took with my teacher, Dr. Linda Howe, changed my life completely. If you feel called to explore the Akashic Records, you might consider accessing your Akashic Records, receiving an Akashic reading or taking Linda Howe's class, "Discover Your Soul's Path through the Akashic Records," this August in L.A.! We are all here to live at our highest potential and the Akashic Records can be a source for that information! Happy New, Super Moon! <3

shonna ordway

My work is rooted in a lineage of Medicine Women and Midwives. Master teachers and personal interactions with the Divine have opened and allowed me to connect to my own divine signature of creative healing abilities. I have dedicated my life to helping humanity realize and work with the power of their pure, sacred potential. Using my innate gifts, I facilitate and integrate our true potential in all aspects of our lives. My work focuses on enriching the inherent love and power in all of us, illuminating that love is the undercurrent of existence


My new Moon shit

I channel the energetics of the moon cycle and go deeper into practices to move through the energy of each specific moon with my individual work with women and during my New Moon Womb Ceremonies that I hold every month on the beach in Marina Del Rey, California. I would love to share more with you!


what to know about this new moon 

Presence and Feelings are key focal points during this eclipse season as it is initiated on Thursday along with the New Moon. The focus will be on ALL of our feelings. Especially the ones we would rather not feel. Within these feelings are parts of ourselves that remain locked, and along with them some of our greatest gifts are too. We now have an opportunity to integrate ALL parts of ourselves through the power of our emotional body and uncover deeper levels of joy, clarity, and wisdom leading to great transformations and breakthroughs!

We must allow ourselves not to be persuaded by the fear platform that we are seeing on the external stage, if we are not aware of it, it can penetrate into our psyches and pull us off course. We, as light-workers are here to be the lighthouses. We are here to hold the light, share the light and be the light! We are here to remember how to use the power of our light to shift our own inner world which in turn supports the outer shift that is deeply needed at this time.

Where in your life have you shut down the feelings that you fear? By bringing these feelings to the light, via our own inner light, they have the ability to shift allowing our innate clarity to become the guiding force.

Cancer is the mother of the zodiac. How can you call upon the mother within you and be your greatest support as you bring your emotional body into balance? Treat your emotions with respect, honoring their intuitive value, bringing yourself back to the present moment over and over again when your mind tries to pull you to the past or future. We tend to project into the future or look back to the past when an uncomfortable emotion is arising in the present. This is the pivot point for our healing and expansion. Right here, right now, with what IS. This is the work and practice to focus on during this new moon and eclipse period.

Create a sacred space for yourself on a regular basis. Call upon the Divine Mother and Mother Earth to hold you in their embrace as you invite up those emotions that you have pushed down. When an emotion arises, just BE with it, allow yourself not to question it or try to create a story as to why you feel this way.  Witness it and let it move through your body. Emotion = energy-in-motion.

We have been conditioned to stifle emotions and stuff them down. As children, each of us suffered this in one way or another… every time we were told “Don’t cry” or “hold yourself together” we unconsciously stored this messaging in our body, typically in our organs or tissues.

Removing these stored negative emotions begins with trusting that your body will welcome this process if you truly open to it. Whether this is through crying, screaming, beating a pillow, dancing erratically, laughing or whatever it is, the natural intelligence of your body will begin to move it. TRUST this process and your body’s natural knowledge of how to let it move through it. Again, this is so important, DO NOT ATTACH A STORY TO IT.

For example, sadness begins to arise… Instead of saying to yourself  “I’m feeling sad because my boyfriend left me on my birthday and now I don’t trust men”.. Just let yourself BE SAD. No story and no escape from the moment. Fully connect with the emotion, merging it with your light and presence to give it the momentum to clear out.  On the other side of this is so much peace, clarity, and joy. It's a phenomenal process. Yes, it takes time and practice but now is the time to begin. Because in order to fully show up for ourselves and our life we must be able to be fully present to connect to our innate gifts that are only available in the moment!!