3 Rituals for the Full Moon in Sagittarius


Happy Full Moon!

Yes, I know it was technically yesterday.

But according to my numerous sources, full moon feels can leak over into the next day or two after an appearance. And those same sources tell me that if you skipped a full moon ritual or practice yesterday—did anyone else have way too much to do post-holiday break to get their #selfcare on?—you can always do your thang today. Or tomorrow. Or honestly, whenever it feels good to you.

The best rituals are the ones that we don’t practice out of superstition or guilt or whatever; they’re the ones that we wholeheartedly choose because we’re in tune with our own bodies and minds, and we know exactly what we need.
Keep scrolling for some Full Moon tips from some of our holisticism platform pros. They. Are. Good



I’m an Anxiety Coach, and I offer 1:1 coaching for those looking to increase their capacity for self-love and work through deep-rooted anxieties. I developed my programs after years of eating disorders, depression, and a string of toxic careers in the tech space that left me feeling completely empty, raw, and at a loss for *how* to love myself. This program is designed to create significant, lasting change in my clients’ approaches to career, relationships, and, most importantly, their sense of self…and NOTHING makes me happier than being able to support badass ladies on their own journeys of growth.

My Full Moon Shit

My personal practice this month is all about rebirth. Sometimes, when we’re going through deep cycles of change, our focus rests primarily on release--the letting go, the shedding of what doesn’t serve us. I think it’s just as important to honor what we’re giving life to, too. This cycle, I’m welcoming the new opportunities, gifts, and challenges to come with the same awe and wonder that new parents would welcome in with the birth of their child…and I’m encouraging my clients to do the same!

A Full Moon Exercise to Try

Write out how you want to FEEL this month. Don't think about the "how," don't think about whether or not it's possible to feel this ideal way, and don't even think too much about what would elicit the feeling. Just write on the sensations, and make it vivid: is it a lightness in your heart? A deep sense of rootedness in your soul? Make it so vivid, so realistic. Familiarize yourself with the feelings you want to create, and in doing so, you'll start to attune yourself to moments when those feelings do come up. The more familiar we get with them, the easier it is to bring them to the surface--and truly live in and from them—whenever we want to call it in.



I’m a licensed acupuncturist and holistic practitioner. Your first appointment with me is a full consultation with a Chinese medical diagnostic exam, herbal, nutritional, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations, as well as an acupuncture treatment.

My Full Moon Shit

At its core, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine is a Taoist practice whose fundamental purpose beyond treating disease is re-aligning each patient with the cosmos so that they may live in sync with the rhythm and cadence of the universe and the innate, spontaneous perfection of the Tao. Observing and aligning with the lunar rhythms is one way to enhance our connection to both the microcosm of the body and the macrocosm of the universe. It is an instinctual practice that helps decondition some of the noxious knots that modernity, capitalism, and industrialization have wound deep within the body and spirit, gets our hair tousled a little bit, and allow us to discover a new capacity for being and feeling that is a little more primal and in the flow of our Tao.

This numinous and nebulous ‘Tao’ is the inexpressible and indefinable way of the natural universe when left to its own free and feral devices. It’s the way you feel when you’re ‘in the flow,’; your plans get cancelled en route to a networking dinner, and you find yourself making a spontaneous u-turn, going into a shadowy bar you’ve never tread in heretofore, and meeting the man of your dreams whilst discovering your innate talent of singing karaoke to the Top Gun soundtrack, hitting all the high notes to “Take My Breath Away” with grace and panache. You quit your job, find profuse happiness and sustenance writing vaguely nostalgic film scores for whimsical indie films, and everything happens easily and effortlessly, almost of its own volition. You vow never to get in your own way ever again. This is the cadence of a life in perfect, spontaneous harmony.

A Full Moon Exercise to Try 

My full moon practice serves to strip away some of these layers and help my body follow nature as I explore the very nature of being myself. If I can, I’ll sequester myself somewhere naked in the moonlight and practice a little Qigong, which is the Taoist practice of generating, transforming, and circulating energy.

A simple, sensuous practice that anyone can do to absorb Qi from the moon and pull its divine feminine yin energy into the body is an exercise called “Pulling Moon Silk” from Minke De Vos and her Feminine Treasures Qigong.

  1. To begin, find a spot where you can see the moon and feel your connection to her. Start with a few deep, cleansing breaths, basking in stillness and quietude.

  2. Make a triangle with your hands and extend it outwards from your third eye, like a portal focusing moonlight into your Crystal Palace, which is the name for the energy field within the center of your head where all of your glands rest.

  3. Inhale, and allow your Crystal Palace to reflect the moon’s light into your body. Exhale and outstretch your hands from the triangle to the moon, then inhale deeply and pull the energy like silver silken threads toward your third eye.

  4. Do this for as many cycles as you need in order to feel lasciviously lunar, and when you feel complete and radiant, wash the energy down your front center channel and store it in your yoni or ovarian palace.



I teach and practice breathwork—which I believe is the act of learning how to listen to the body's natural and subtle energetic cues.

I also use different frequencies as sound therapy to move stagnant emotion that create deeper awareness and relaxation beyond the control of the cognitive mind. Sound a little out there? Try a consult and we can chat about it.

My Full Moon Shit

I usually like to get in a body of water if I can; be it the ocean, a river or my bathtub. While in water, I take in a deep breath for 5 counts, then I hold my breath for 5 counts, and exhale for 5 counts. I repeat this cycle for as long as I need to feel more in tune to my own energy. If I'm in the ocean, I sync my exhale with the sound of each wave hitting the shore.

A Full Moon Exercise to Try 

A breathing technique called Nadi Shodhana, meant to clear the channels of circulation. This practice supports respiratory and lung function, releases stress, and creates balance within both hemispheres of the brain.

  1. Sit comfortably, making sure your spine is elongated, shoulders are open, heart exposed.

  2. Close your eyes and become aware of your natural breath.

  3. When you are ready, take your index and thumb finger and gently close your right nostril.

  4. Take a deep intentional breath in and pause for a few brief seconds.

  5. Release your fingers and exhale.

  6. Repeat holding your left nostril on the inhale, releasing the fingers on the exhale.

  7. Continue this pattern for 5-8 minutes.