Dreaming Of You: Toltec Dreaming Principes


Spurred by this badass article about lucid dreaming (HELLO, Einstein basically received his Theory of Relativity from a LUCID FUCKING DREAM he had when he was 16?!? That’s amazing!?!?!!!) I had to do a deep dive into Toltec Dreaming practices. Big ups to those of you who recommended the topic—it’s fascinating and strange and wonderful.  

If you’ve read The Four Agreements—in my humble opinion, a must for anyone who’s trying to live a meaningful life—you’re already a bit familiar with the Toltec tradition. 

The Toltecs are a group of people based in Southern Mexico, whose culture flourished between 900 and 1200 CE. Celebrated as people of knowledge, their culture married science and mysticism—they built complex pyramids and had spirit animals. And they were very cool, and essentially used mysticism as a way to identify personal freedom.

The spiritual practices of the Toltecs were preserved by a lineage of masters called "naguals" like Don Miguel Ruiz, the author of The Four Agreements. Today, they’re who we can turn to understand and learn more about Toltec principles. One of those major practices? Toltec Dreaming.

The Toltec believed that we are essentially living in a waking dream—that nothing is actually real, but most people believe they are powerless and continue to be at the beck and call of this dream world. In this dream world, we’re enslaved by fear, pain, heartbreak, and limited thinking. Ew. Toltec tradition explains that if you have the capabilities to control your dreams, you can take back the power of your life. Bye, fear! See yah, small-minded thinking! L8r, heartache!

 So how, exactly, does one gain power over the dream world? Toltec dreaming practices, of course. The best way I can describe it is that it’s a bit like lucid dreaming and Jungian dream theory with a dash of neural repatterning.  

You can try it for yourself here. Admittedly, this video is a lil’ fringey (also might be hosted by the Grim Reaper, who knows?), but it’s only 11 mins and walks you through how to be present to  your dreams. I did it myself around 8 p.m. the other night, totally fell asleep, and proceeded to sleep for 12 more hours. No clue if that means anything other than the fact that mama is TIRED, but idk just sharing my experience. If you want to learn more about Toltec dreaming, check out this book.