TAROTSCOPE: Cancer Season

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It’s offisch Cancer Season, which means it’s time for a Tarotscope from our resident Tarot guide, Helen Schmidt of Abrabinah. You know the drill: Helen taps into the collective energy of the oh holisticism community and pulls a card for us (flattered). Then, she gives us step-by-step directions for how to pull our own spread according to the astrological theme.

 Yep, she’s great, and we love her. This month’s card: The Four of Wands. Keep reading for wtf that means and to learn how to pull your own Cancer-themed spread.

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Cancer is a cardinal W A T E R sign. It rules our emotions, relationships, roots, and family. She is the Mother of all mothers. The Carer. The Nurturer. The Healer.

 The Sun moved into Cancer on June 21st. This season, we get to embrace our intuitive reasoning, explore our heritage, and focus on spending time with the people we love.  

 oh holisticism Card Pull

How can we nurture ourselves this season?


Four of Wands

 Cancer Season is the time to nurture. Nurturing is a transference of energy, which means if you nurture someone, it’s pretty important to replenish the energy released. The replenishing process is as simple as recuperating. I say to do this no matter how big or small the transference. Because replenishing requires such a simple act, I feel this is why it can easily be overlooked, leaving us drained, confused, or stressed. Personally, I’ve got a list of things I do to nurture myself (good ol' #selfcare). I do things like take a lavender Epsom salt bath or call up my own Reader for a card reading or order a Venti Vanilla Iced Latte. Full sugar! These are things I identified that are good for my soul. If you don’t have a list going for yourself yet, I highly suggest creating one, like, right now.

So, on top of your nurture list and my nurture list, Tarot has one more thing to add to both of these lists. Four of Wands is a full circle made of fire. Fire represents action. So this card is telling us that we need to follow through on our commitments and complete our projects—act!—but in order to do that, we need to put ourselves first. So, here are some ways we can apply these concepts to our self-care regimens:

  • Follow through on our current self-care regimen; otherwise, we’re only really half-a**ing our regimen. Makes total sense, Tarot.

  • Stick up for yourself. Because you matter. Because you’re a star. And because you deserve to be heard.

  • Make sure your needs are covered before you cover someone else’s needs. “You can’t pour from an empty cup.”


Here’s how you can use Tarot (or Oracle) cards in order to be your best self-nurturer.

  1. List out your self-care regimen. These are things that replenish you or put you back in the flow.

  2. Burn Palo Santo to clear the energy from the deck. Sit comfortably with your deck, holding onto them with both hands. Close your eyes. Intuitively communicate the following to your deck: "Hi, Tarot. The channel is open between you and I. I am ready for your divine guidance around my self-care."

  3. Shuffle the cards for the duration of at least one full song. Try to keep your eyes closed during the full song. Listen to the lyrics, feel the rhythm, observe any visualizes you see, and listen to any words that stick out.

  4. When you’re done shuffling, fan the cards out like the shape of a crescent moon.

  5. Ask your cards: "What should else should I add to my self-care regimen?"

  6. Scan your entire deck. Then scan again. Pick the card that stuck out the most to you.

  7. Reference your guidebook on the meaning of each card. Take notes on what feels true or sticks out the most to you while you read up on each card.

  8. Follow the plan (the card) that leads to the outcome you want. Also, look at all the cards you pulled. This tells another story.

  9. Close the channel at the end of every reading. Gather all of your cards, hold onto them with both hands again while you sit comfortably. Intuitively communicate to the deck: "Thank you, Tarot, for your guidance and wisdom. The channel between you and I is closed."

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