LEO TAROTSCOPE: Time to Have Fun, You Ball of Anxiety!

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Every month, our resident Tarot expert Helen Schmidt pulls a set of cards for the Holisticism crew tarotscope. 

What, exactly, is a tarotscope? Welp, when the sun moves into a new zodiac sign, it gives us a chance to work on the themes which that sign represents. And by pulling a card, we can use the Tarot as a practical tool for what to work on from a personal development perspective.

Basically, the zodiac sign gives us a theme, and the card gives us a specific focus. 

And Helen's the perfect person to read for us, for a few reasons: 

  1. She's down-to-earth and chill. Girlfriend tells it how it is. 
  2. She respects the Tarot. Helen has studied, and studied, and studied the cards. She knows her stuff. 
  3. She interprets the cards for the Now-age. We really appreciate how Helen translates the esoteric nature of the cards into modern speak. She carefully crafts questions for each month's tarotscope that apply to our modern lives. 

This month, Helen sat down with us to chat Leo Season tarotscopes. We loved what she pulled (hi, are you ready to have fun?), and the instructions she gave us to pull our own tarotscopes at home. 

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Curious about what's in store for Leo season? Keep scrolling to learn more about what Helen pulled for us, and to find out how to pull your own tarot card spread. 

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Leo Season (July 22 - August 21) 

The Sun moved into Leo on July 22nd. Leo is a fixed FIRE sign. It rules children, creativity, and performance—this season is our time to tap into our inner child. Leo is our shiny bright friend who never goes unnoticed. I suppose, how can you not when you’re ruled by the Sun. He is the center of the Universe, after all.  

Holisticism Card Pull

Let’s face it, it’s been a very intense, serious, yet still exciting, couple of weeks. We closed out 2 out of the 3 eclipses this Summer (the next one is August 11!). It’s brought endings, beginnings, closure, and purges. None of which was easy to do.

I absolutely love Leo energy. Some of the most generous, loving, and loyal people I know are Leos. As a Cancer, I easily slip into a brooding mode, or worse, get attached to the past. This Leo energy helps me return to the present moment, keep things silly, and find immediate gratitude in my life.

With all the work we’ve been doing on ourselves in the last couple of weeks, I felt like we should take advantage of this season’s playful energy. To finds ways to pull ourselves out of the work (just for a little bit), so we can enjoy the gifts from the Sun’s illuminations.

With that being said, here are 3 fabulous solutions the cards showed us to help us tap into our inner child: 



One of the greatest things about kids is their ability to believe anything is possible. No overanalyzing, no doubts. It’s a pretty liberating way to see things. In comparison, 7 of Swords is much like the adult brain. It's showing us that we get in our own way due to the fear of failure and because we end up stating and believing in a typical list of negative mantras: "I can't," "It's too hard," "What's the point?" So, this card is telling us to tap into our inner child by recognizing when we are doing this, and to then just turn the thoughts around. Simply, believe that it’s possible. That's it. 


You know how children just say whatever comes to mind? It spews out with no filter, whatsoever! It’s raw, genuine, and real. They say it just how it is. 8 of Wands encourages us to just speak the truth. Our opinions and judgments matter, they should be expressed. They should also be expressed without any expectations. The voice will create a reaction, that’s no doubt, but how and when is not in your control. Simply, just keep talking and sharing from an honest place.



Last, how fitting, the energy of a Leo Sun closes out our inner child embracing list. I promise this organically came through, just ask Michelle! (Ed. note: Totally. It popped right out of the deck! - MP) Yeah, children, they need a lot of attention. And sometimes, the way they ask for it can just be downright selfish... but the point here is that they like to need attention. Prince of Wands is our fiery creative Leo who collaborates and paves the way for other creatives in his field. His drive to be in the spotlight is how he can help others. Tapping into your inner child this season will mean to not be afraid of craving for the spotlight. Simply, be that shining star of your own show.


Here’s how you can use Tarot (or Oracle) cards in order to see how you can further tap into your inner child.

1. Take the tips from Holisticism Card Pull above and recognize in what area of your life do you feel you are applying those tips to the most. Is it through work? Is it through relationships? Or maybe a little bit of both?

2. Burn Palo Santo to clear the energy from the deck. Sit comfortably with your deck, holding onto them with both hands. Close your eyes. Intuitively communicate the following to your deck:

Hi, Tarot. The channel is open between you and I. I am ready for your divine guidance around lightning my energy through the Leo Sun this season.

3. Shuffle the cards for the duration of at least one full song. Try to keep your eyes closed during the full song. Listen to the lyrics, feel the rhythm, observe any visualizes you see, and listen to any words that stick out.

4. When you’re done shuffling, fan the cards out like the shape of a crescent moon.

5. Ask your cards:

 How else can I tap into my inner child around [insert what the Holisticism Card Pull was bringing up for you]?

6. Scan your entire deck. Then scan it again. Pick the card that stuck out the most to you.

7. Reference your guidebook on the meaning of each card. Take notes on what feels true or sticks out the most to you while you read up on each card.

8. Incorporate this guidance the most as you navigate this Leo Season.

9. Close the channel at the end of every reading. Gather all of your cards, hold onto them with both hands again while you sit comfortably. Intuitively communicate to the deck:

Thank you Tarot for your guidance and wisdom. The channel between you and I is closed.

For another set of eyes on your DIY Leo Spread, shoot $5 to @helenisthemoon Venmo + insta DM the spread @abrabinah ❤️ Helen will give you 2-3 sentences on what she sees.