The Skin Transformer: Tess Adams of Take Care

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We all have a tell. 
Something that makes us acutely aware that we’re not at optimal health, and that we gotta make some changes. For me, it’s my skin. 
A few days into a busy schedule of sleep deficit, stressful work hours, and sub-par eating, my complexion rebels. It basically responds with a giant “FUCK YOU,”  which usually manifests as a breakout, or heavy undereye bags, or a pallor that suggests I’m half dead.  Cutie! 
Tess Adams of Take Care has been a godsend. Not only does she save my skin on a superficial level, her microcurrent machine and energetic clearing revitalize me in a mega way. She brings something back to life in me. After an hour with Tess and the microcurrent, I feel like a brand new person. 
As a result, I’ve kind of gotten hooked on visiting her here in Venice (NYers, you have a Take Care location available to you, too!). I’ve never experienced anything as immediately transformative as microcurrent—zits shrink, wrinkles are magically smoothed, and you look like the Kira Kira filter IRL. 
But the microcurrent can’t steal all the glory. Tess is the real reason you leave your appointment feeling reborn on every level. She’s a gentle, caring, and intuitive spirit. She also happens to be a skincare expert who knows exactly what she’s doing, and she’s damn good. Don’t take my word for it—book an appointment and see the results for yourself! 

Keep scrolling to learn more about Tess, the magic of microcurrent, and how to get similar results at home. (!) 


1. What's been the trajectory of your career? How'd you get into skin care? 

The road to aesthetics was an interesting one for me! I started my career in beauty when I was 20. Focusing on cutting & coloring hair, and makeup application for editorial work. I worked in a couple of high-end salons in New York City. At this time, my sister was working in a spa in Manhattan as an aesthetician when she realized she wanted to open her own brick and mortar. She asked me for help in the process, and quickly thereafter, started my training in aesthetics—that was 8 years ago! 

2. What's your personal philosophy around skincare and beauty? 

Personally, my philosophy on skincare is less is more. My mission is to create a space where people can be their authentic & best self. To enhance their natural beauty, not create something that wasn't there before. I want people to feel good in their own skin! 

3. Microcurrent facials are seriously transformative. When did you realize how incredible they were, and when did you start offering them to clients? 

When my sister Sadie, trained me in Microcurrent in 2010, I knew it was an amazing modality. I saw the way in which clients were healing and transforming themselves during our sessions. I was observing clients who had been through major trauma, regenerate themselves with the help of our Microcurrent machine. I knew that this was the start of something bigger. That we could connect a holistic philosophy with technology. It was beautiful.

4. How exactly does it work? What should people expect to see in their results? 

Microcurrent is a low-level electric current that mirrors the body's own natural waves. This stimulates activity in each cell, to create a 500% increase of adenosine tribute-phosphate (ATP), known as the 'energy of life." This energizes your skin & muscle cells, it is great for creating circulation and lymphatic drainage. You'll see a lifted & sculpted jawline, higher cheekbones & an eye lift. Also, softening of fine lines and wrinkles. We work on people of all ages, races & sexes! We even work with this machine on the body, for cellulite, toning & slimming effects. 

5. I feel like I'm constantly doing things that I think are good for my skin, but are actually terrible for my complexion. What do you wish everyone knew about taking care of their skin? 

I wish everyone knew that not all skin is the same. So when companies come out with the "product that will change it all," that it’s not always the answer. What may work for someone will most likely not work for everyone! Do your research, learn about ingredients. Talk to your esthetician!

6. You just made the move from NYC to LA—what's been the most surprising thing about coming cross-country? The most delightful thing? 

Starting my practice in LA, I feel like I've already grown so much. I feel there is this whole community of people who are ready to do the work on themselves, ready for self-exploration & self-care. I am amazed by all the people I have been meeting, that are truly ready to shift the collective consciousness—and it inspires me!

7. Other than coming in to see you for a microcurrent facial, what can people who aren't in LA or NYC do at home to get similar results? 

There is always room for self-care practices at home. Buy yourself a Gua Sha or jade roller, some masks & learn how to do massage on yourself! My sister does bi-monthly workshops online, that demonstrate these practices! I am also available for any questions one may have in relation to these techniques! 

Have more q’s for Tess? Head over to our Instagram at @holisticism and send us your skincare questions so Tess can answer them in stories! 

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