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Another month, another Tarotscope to guide you through the ebbs and flows of an astrological season. 

We've got Virgo on deck. After Leo season, which is basically the embodied version of drinking rosé on a boat while working on your tan and simultaneously flirting with your summer fling, Virgo season is a welcome return to efficiency and business as usual. 

You know how you feel at the start of September—that fresh-pencils-and-notebooks, back-to-school vibe? The one that makes you want to organize things alphabetically and clean out your refrigerator on a Friday night? Dats Virgo. Type-A, thoughtful, grounded, organized, borderline anal retentive, Virgos are the friend that you want in your life to clean up your messes and remind you to pay your taxes, because they'll low-key be freaking out on the inside that the floors of your house aren't clean enough to eat off of, but they won't get mad at you about it *cough CAPRICORN cough*. Instead, they'll just take it upon themselves to happily start scrubbing, because being helpful to you (and making things tidy) makes them happy. 

Personally, I'm biased to Virgo humans. I think they're delightful, funny as hell, and super weird in a Monica Gellar kind of way. Fave kind of friend! 

Keeping in mind that we'll all be deeply inspired by industrious, helpful Virgo energy during the next month, our resident Tarot reader Helen Schmidt pulled a card for the Holisticism crew. Apply Helen's advice to your approach to Virgo season to get the most done without losing your mind. 

Want a more in-depth reading? Use Helen's tips to pull your Virgo Tarot spread. Or, book a short (or long!) virtual reading with Helen for more detail and clarity on what the cards are telling you. 



Virgo is a mutable E A R T H sign. It rules routine, order, and service. Virgo’s your neuroses drive us nuts, but the truth is, without your skills in noticing the tiniest cracks, shit would probably be falling apart left and right.

The Sun moved into Virgo on Aug 23. This season is our time to be at service.



Holisticism Card Pull

Moving out of the self-oriented energy of Leo Season, Virgo Season pushes us to support and showcase others by being of service to them. The idea is that our help will help the others shine. It’s just like the behind-the-scenes work for a movie. Being at service is such a selfless act. It really means dedicating some of our energy to someone else’s path. So, as we make ourselves available for service in the upcoming weeks, I wanted to see what the Tarot had to say about what we should keep in mind while being in service to others.

A very cool thing happened when I pulled cards with Michelle for Virgo Season. A repeat card appeared! The 10 of Swords decided to show up again. When I see repeat cards with someone, in this case, a community, I find it really important to check back what that card meant the first time it had appeared. The way I look at it is that it carryovers the story from the last reading. The last time 10 of Swords popped up for us was back in Aries Season as tip #3 on what to take with us when we branch off into unknown territory.

So, what does this all mean? Back in Aries Season, we took a leap of faith by heading into unknown territory. During this time, 10 of Swords came through to remind us to not fixate on any negative thought processes on the new venture and to allow ideas, thoughts, and the mind to take a break so it could live freely.

Take a look back and identify that new venture. It plays a huge role during Virgo Season as there is a piece to it that can allow you to be at service. When you do engage in service through this venture, 10 of Swords wants us to not overextend ourselves as it will lead to self-sabotage and broken relationships. Basically, keep healthy boundaries this season.


Here’s how you can use Tarot cards to see what you should know about being in service to others this season.

Make a note on any commitments that allow you to serve others. This could be your job, volunteer work, or really anything that allows you to assist someone else.

1. Burn Palo Santo to clear the energy from the deck. Sit comfortably with your deck, holding onto them with both hands. Close your eyes. Intuitively communicate the following to your deck:

Hi Tarot. The channel is open between you and I. I am ready for your divine guidance around what I should know while I am in service to _________.

2. Shuffle the cards for one full minute. Try to keep your eyes closed the entire time.

3. When you’re done shuffling, fan the cards out like the shape of a crescent moon.

4. Scan your entire deck. Then scan it once more. Pick the card that stuck out the most to you.

5. Reference your guidebook on the meaning of each card. Take notes on what feels true or sticks out the most to you while you read up on the card.

6. Close the channel at the end of every reading. Gather all of your cards, hold onto them with both hands again while you sit comfortably. Intuitively communicate to the deck:

Thank you Tarot for your guidance and wisdom. The channel between you and I is closed.

For another set of eyes on your DIY Virgo Spread, shoot $5 to @helenisthemoon Venmo + insta DM the spread @abrabinah ❤️ Helen will give you 2-3 sentences on what she sees.