Light Leak Auras: Meet Tanya Alexis, Aura Photographer


It seems that those who've been through the deepest sorrow of death are the ones who have the ability to see the most beauty in life. Through her experiences with grief and loss, photographer Tanya Alexis discovered a unique gift—her ability to capture auras, messages, and beauty from behind the lens. 

Through a happy accident, Tanya began photographing her subjects' auras. Guided by intuition, love, and maybe something a little extra ethereal, her breathtaking work isn't just something that you'd frame on your wall. Her images act as a path to healing for her clients. Book a photo shoot with her and expect to get a lot more than just some lovely images for the 'gram—you'll experience deep healing and gain precious insight. 

Tell us a little about your background with photography.

I've had a camera near me most of my life, even as a small child.  There is something about the ability to freeze share the way that I see the world with others that keeps me enamored with photography.  

How did light leak aura photography come into being?

My partner passed four years ago, and on the anniversary of his death I went to the place we spread his ashes to pay my respects, to take photographs, and to grieve. The next day when I went to drop the film off at my lab, I opened the bottom of the camera thinking the film was rolled up. It wasn’t. I quickly closed the bottom, heartbroken that the images were going to be ruined. But they weren’t. Instead, I discovered something new to me, a way to create beautiful effects that expressed how I felt inside.

It would be another year before I used this technique intentionally. I was photographing a dear friend who happens to be a healer in Los Angeles. I felt compelled (as my intuition strongly suggested) to expose some of her film to light, to see if I could mix her energy visually onto the film. It created some incredibly powerful images, and I knew I wanted to create more work like this, perhaps find a way to incorporate photography into a healing session.

About nine months later, I photographed another incredibly powerful Los Angeles healer. This time, I wasn’t worried I was going to ruin the film. I just went for it, and after I saw her images—even though my belly was filled with butterflies—I knew it was time for me to create a way to share this experience with others. It was time to encourage others to see their inner beauty, strength, and abilities, and to help them share these numinous aspects of themselves with others.

Can you personally see people's auras? 

Not yet, but I am moving in that direction.  Currently, I can feel them.

What does a light leak photography reading look like? What can you tell from an image?

The reading is similar to that of a Tarot or Oracle Reading.  You are shown exactly what you need to see at this moment in time...sometimes the images are empowering, sometimes they remind you that you are supported, sometimes they remind you of your strength.  I typically leave it up to the person who has been photographed to interpret the images how they may, but I always give them the option to reach out, if they want to know what I see. The sessions are all about empowering you to listen to your body, to your intuition, and to your heart.

Who are your favorite types of people to work with and heal? 

Anyone who is open and willing to shift and grow.  We have to truly want to be able to shift in order to do so. Healing is a commitment, and I want to connect with people who crave shift and growth from the depth of their soul.

Would you say you specialize in helping people work through specific emotions, traumas, and energies? 

The people who get the most out of the experience are those willing to surrender to what the universe has in store for them.  I provide unconditional love and space for them to truly be themselves. The last few years have been huge for me, there has been a lot of grieving and loss as well as a lot of healing and finding my voice, so I am able to help people who are in that space, since I can truly relate to what they are going through, even though our experiences may differ.

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