Clearing Energetic Blocks

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I get a lot of notes in my inbox every week from Holisticism clients—I love them. Getting emails from people working with our practitioners gets me in some kind of way. It’s always exciting, and I’m pretty sure I’ll never get tired of it.

But I also get a lot of questions from future clients—people who’re looking for something, but they’re not sure what. Usually their message looks something like this:

“Nothing’s exactly wrong—but I just feel off. Things in my life are OK, but I know I could be better, feel better, and just have greater clarity about decisions and choices I’m trying to make. But I’m not sure how to get that?”

Mhm. My dude, been there many times before myself. You’re working through an emotional block.

Here’s the thing: If you’re feeling energetically or emotionally blocked, you’re human. Congrats! This is like a slightly more uncomfortable IRL version of that test Google makes you do to make sure you’re a real human bean. But only slightly!

The Purpose of Blocks

Emotional blocks are totally normal, and in many ways a completely healthy unconscious response to what’s happening in our lives. “Our human brains function in certain ways by very intentional design. Some things—like trauma—wind up tucked away in places we can’t access them, and for good reason. Our subconscious does this to keep us safe,” says creative coach and intuitive guide Sauce Osofsky. Sometimes we’re required to compartmentalize our emotions in order to make it through an experience safely; sometimes we choose not to feel what’s coming up because we know we’ll lose control if we do.

The Downside of Emotional Blockages

But, as you’ve probably guessed, keeping our emotions on lockdown can take a toll. When we don’t experience the range of our emotions, we’re missing part of the human experience. Can’t have the light without the dark, my guy. Moving through the world with emotional blockages can feel like living in greyscale—it’s not bad, but it’s definitely not Technicolor. And perhaps most importantly, we don’t want to live in fear of our emotions. When we bottle our emotions up, they inevitably overflow, usually in a pretty messy way that’s out of our control (hello, if you’ve ever had a crying fit on the subway, or yelled at a totally random stranger at Starbucks, or had a completely escalated emotional response to something that’s *not that big of a deal* you know what I’m talking about).

Signs That You’re Blocked

Emotional blockages prevent us from experiencing life as fully as we possibly could—and often wind up sabotaging our work, relationships, and health.

According to energetic practitioner and holistic health coach Kelli Klus, “Most emotional blockages, if not managed, will turn into physical illness of some sort. So if you are dealing with an illness, chances are you have an emotional blockage.”

Osofsky also notices that her emotional blockages manifest themselves physically in her body as stress or tension, but notes that people experience them in different ways: “Mental fogginess can be a signal that a blockage is present. Feeling irritable, fatigued or hypersensitive, other examples. I have a daily practice called Checking Your Energy that helps to assess your energetic/emotional state. If you can tune in and take note over a period of time, patterns emerge. Awareness is in large part pattern recognition.”

Maybe you’re nodding your head in agreement, because these words are RESONATING with you. Maybe not. I’m one of those people who loves to think that there’s absolutely-nothing-wrong-everything-is-fine!-don’t-worry. And as my body lovingly reminds me, emotional blockages first manifest as ‘stuck’ feelings, lack of inspiration, physical illness and stress, and then finally as full-on seizures. It’s a trip!

But the beautiful thing? Emotional blocks have taught me deeper consciousness—because the only way out of that stuck feeling to acknowledge it’s happening (oh, it’s definitely happening) and to move through it.

How To Get Through Them

There’s a million ways to work through emotional blockages. You can experiment with meditation, journaling, and de-programming exercises on your own (Kundalini yoga is wonderful for this). Sometimes it’s even less cerebral—watch a sad movie to get a good cry, or go for a run to pound out the anger.

Most of the time, though, it’s helpful to turn to someone who can help. Traditional therapy methods are AMAZING for this, and you should certainly try them out if they’re calling to you. If you’re looking for something to try in conjunction with therapy, or maybe you’re seeking a little more integrated spirituality, try working with an energy practitioner. There’s no hard and fast rule or curriculum for how they’ll help you unblock, but often they’ll use a plethora of tools to encourage release.

“I’ve got energetic gifts that help me feel into another person and a pretty clear channel between myself and The U where I receive downloads and information pretty clearly,” says Osofsky. And her combination of mystic and holistic helps her clients move energy, fast.

“To be straight up about it—some people just like with that. I know I do. A more psycho-spiritual approach feels resonant for me. And there are a TON of modalities out there that can support us in expanding our awareness of ourselves, which is what clearing blockages really comes down to. It’s knowing what’s going on in here. I find that the clearing isn’t the hardest part, cultivating the awareness is.”

Klus guides her clients to find deeper awareness within themselves: “My greatest tool is to explore your reactions to people and things which is a gold mine of information about what you need to work on to find happiness. The people and the experiences in our life are disguised as ourselves trying to teach us what we need to learn. We will learn to welcome the uncomfortable situations and discover the message in every beautiful event that happens to us.”

Other practitioners like Reiki healers or craniosacral therapists can even help clear emotional blockages on a physical level as they manifest themselves in the body as pain or illness.

What Happens When You’ve Worked Through Blockages?

So how do you know you’ve worked through a thing? “Just all the magic and manifestations The Universe has to behold and wants to deliver to us—NBD,” laughs Osofsky.

But really, she explains, when our energy is clear, “we come into alignment.” That often results in a physical release (tears, laughter), clearer thinking, increased feelings of confidence, and a general sense of ease or “I got this.” Klus simply describes it as a feeling of “freedom.”

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