Embodying Personal Growth: The Magic of Craniosacral Therapy with Sarah Clark

As much as I love the esoteric stuff—the cards and crystals and spirit talk—I often crave tangible healing.  I love nothing more than feeling a shift in my physical body: from pain to ease, misadjustment to alignment, fragile tension to suppleness. 

Taking care of the physical body is just as important for personal development and growth as any online course or self-help book. We know that our cells, our tissues, store trauma and memories. And as we move past those experiences and integrate them into our being, physical modalities can be EXTREMELY useful. 

Enter Craniosacral Therapy—one of the most subtle but powerful adjustments out there. We sat down with Sarah Clark, of Take Care NYC, to learn more about what to expect from a Craniosacral session. Sarah is next-level gifted (her hands! are! like! the wings! of! a! baby! angel!) and if you're in NYC, you should certainly go visit her for a sesh.  Keep scrolling to learn more. 



Your name: Sarah Clark
Your sign: Virgo
The modalities you practice: Currently, I’m a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and Holistic Esthetician.

How were you first introduced to craniosacral therapy?

I experienced a head injury in 2009 and my colleagues at the time recommended Craniosacral work to aid in my recovery. During my first treatment, I had profound shifts with my structural body, specifically in my sacrum and right Illium bone. I also experienced an ease of fluid
movement in my cranium releasing some restriction in the dural membranes. The therapist used a gentle, light-handed touch allowing these shifts to occur. I was blown away that my body, mind, and spirit reorganized in such a deep way without aggressive manipulation. After that first session, I was drawn to the magic of this work and set an intention to learn and practice it.

 For someone who's never heard of craniosacral, how would you describe a session? What's it comparable to?

These treatments can be comparable to deep meditation practices and/or light chiropractic work. The practice begins with the client lying clothed on a massage table and the therapist applying a light hands-on touch to specific areas of the body. This allows the therapist to connect to the
craniosacral system and help ease any restrictions to enhance the health in the individual’s body. Each session can be unique and have different effects.

I feel like craniosacral is a bit like acupuncture; some people are initially drawn to it to heal a physical ailment but find that after a few sessions their mental health and overall wellbeing has drastically evolved. Can you explain how craniosacral therapy can help with the emotional side?

That’s a great question! This work can support reorganization on different quantum levels within our system. Sometimes our thoughts or emotions can leave an imprint on our physiology. Craniosacral works with three fields of function: The tissue field, the fluid field, and the bio-energetic field. These three fields of function are the same thing in essence just expressed at
different levels. For example, if an individual is dealing with a particularly stressful time those thoughts and feelings can stimulate the sympathetic nervous system. If this response is continued for lengths of time it can impact their adrenal glands creating fatigue (tissue field), constriction of
blood vessels increasing blood pressure (fluid field), dampen and close off parts of the chakra field (bio-energetic). As a therapist connecting to any of these fields, it can help reorganize and balance the others, including the emotions themselves! Stressful emotions can be beneficial when needed, but the trick is balancing the autonomic nervous system. The core of Craniosacral work is to enhance the client's health allowing them the tools to heal themselves. Balancing the central nervous system (which is the heart of this work) can re-pattern many things including our emotions!


What's your favorite practice to pair with craniosacral for your clients?  

I love combining facial treatments with Craniosacral work, it supports that true holistic approach to beauty and health. Working with the face as an esthetician for over ten years helped specialize my Craniosacral treatments to address deeper structural and membranous patterns in the face and cranium. Lately, I’ve been aiding clients with TMJ issues. It's truly rewarding work! The combination is powerful.

How has the practice affected your life?

I’ve evolved in so many wonderful ways of receiving, learning and sharing this work! It’s helped deepen and strengthen my esthetic practice, continues to broaden my perspective on life and helps place an emphasis on self-love. Connecting to the intelligence of one’s body is a very humbling and beautiful experience.

And what’s your favorite way to heal your own physical and emotional body?

Monthly Craniosacral sessions are invaluable to continue a connection with myself and clients. In addition to these treatments, I also enjoy sensory deprivation tanks. I try and do salt baths at home, but these tanks take me to another world! Quality time with my loved ones is always healing as well, and lots and lots of laughter. 

How can people find you and book with you?

You can go to https://www.takecarebody.com/ or find me on Instagram at