The Skeptics Guide to Real Manifestation

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As a journalist who writes about health and wellness who also happens to be very interested in alternative methodologies, I’ve met and written about a lot of practitioners. To do this, I think you need to be a bit of an optimistic skeptic—open to everything, but wary to fully believe in anything. 

So when you find someone who really knows their stuff, you want to share their magic with everyone you know. Lacy Phillips of Free + Native is on my top five list of real deal practitioners. L calls herself a manifestation guide, but to me, she’s part creative, part herbalist, part energy healer, part wise woman. 

You need to check out her site to get the full scope of her genius manifestation technique and method, but understand that she happily eschews The Secret as nonsense and doesn’t believe “getting into the vortex” is necessary for manifesting a life you want. Lacy comes from a more grounded and psychological place, and I adore her for that.

I can't tell you that Lacy's method will work for you. But I can tell you that as soon as I completed her Unblocked workshop, I had the idea for oh holisticism. After I did an in-person session with her, I almost instantly crossed a bunch of items off my “list,” like a trip to Ibiza… which is where I’m writing this email from.

Lacy has another online Reparenting Workshop coming up—I highly recommend taking it, simply because her work has truly changed my life and I really believe in her part-scientific, part-spiritual methods. Below, Lacy answers a few questions about her method, the workshop, and manifestation. 

1. I know what the skeptics out there are thinking: "Inner child work sounds a little ... weird." Can you explain how is it possible to reparent yourself as an adult, when the damage is already done? What does inner work have to do with manifestation?

In Manifestation, we do not manifest from our "thoughts". We manifest from our unconscious (subconscious) beliefs. In order to align with what we are calling in, we must reprogram any limiting beliefs of shame in order to project from a state of magnetism. Every single person in my practice has experienced some level of shame in childhood may it have been from teachers, peers, parents, to other caretakers. This workshop will be diving deep into our subconscious to bring awareness and pinpoint our inner child and adolescent limiting beliefs (blocks) are, and the very specific elements pertaining manifestation so that they can be reprogrammed in order to project from a place of magnetism.

2. How much time should we set aside to do fully complete the workshop?

It will be 8 days long, and each day will take about 20 minutes of your time from any device. However, you will have access for a month in order to have freedom and go as deep as you'd like.

3. What can workshop participants expect to experience once they've finished the workshop?

This workshop will give us a look into our subconscious in a way we would never be able to access in a conscious state. Beliefs buried far down that we've completely forgotten about, which we are still projecting unworthiness from.  Once they discover acute clarity and tools for reprogramming, which they will then be able to use forever to pump up their confidence and worth.

Michelle Pellizzon