Recap: Healthy Energetic Boundaries with Crystal Reader Lindsey Kimura

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via @energymuse

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Recap: Healthy Energetic Boundaries with Crystal Reader Lindsey Kimura

On Sunday, December 16th 2018, we sat down with crystal reader and energy healer Lindsey Kimura to learn more about how to harness our intuition to create healthy energetic boundaries.

Lindsey schooled us on the five steps to creating healthy boundaries, which crystals and tools you can use to protect yourself, and taught us a guided meditation for creating an ‘auric egg’ around yourself.

It's not our job to create a fortress around ourselves, because whatever you block completely will deflect and come back to you. So we're not building walls and like a capsule or somewhere. It's more about you draw your boundary. You clearly define where what it is what it looks like and then somebody has their own will to decide whether they're going to cross your boundary or not. And that's when you have to be able to respond. So responsibility will will get into as well so we can set a boundary by drawing a line in the sand, but if somebody chooses to cross that boundary that's their will and that's their choice.
- Lindsey Kimura

The Five Steps to Creating Energetic Boundaries


Identify the signals that you’re holding on to energy from other people.

  • Identity issues

  • Decreased sense of personal power

  • Energy levels feel diminished after being in certain situations

  • Falling back into old patterns we’ve worked hard to break

  • Feeling like your boundaries are being crossed


If you enter a situation with an aura and energy that’s already healthy, you’re able to manage your emotions more easily. You’re maintaining health versus treating an ailment.

  • Set boundaries by acknowledging what you intend to tolerate. What are your terms?


Tap into your own inner wisdom to know when to act if a boundary is being crossed, and when to be still.


There are times when it’s necessary for us to use our words and speak up when someone crosses a line that we’re upholding. If we don’t act in those moments, then we harbor anger or other emotions that we don’t need to hold on to. Other times, though, we need to express tolerance, flexibility, and forgiveness.


Implements that can help you honor your personal sovereignty.

  • Meditation

  • Salt

  • Astragalus

  • Rose water

  • Crystals

  • Sacred objects


Sacred objects, talismans, and personal amulets are infused with the energies of protection. It may be a protective stone by nature and or it could have been blessed by maybe your spiritual teacher or a shaman or whoever you're working with.

Always do your research on items you’re drawn to if they’re not already part of your history to show your reverence and respect—appreciate other cultures without appropriating their sacred items.

Want more?

There’s over 75-minutes of juicy information, tools, and tips from Lindsey regarding energetic boundaries—plus, she answers questions that came up from individual participants in the workshop. Lots of good, good stuff to review. For $3.99, you’ll receive a 15-page e-book, 75-minutes of audio, and 75-minutes of video from the workshop. Click below to add to your cart and enjoy!

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