Tarotscope: Aquarius Season

It's that time again—tarotscope day! 


Kinda like a horoscope, but twisted. Every astrological sign has an overarching theme—for example, Aquarius is all about independence, free-thinking, and living in possibility.

With the theme of the season in mind, we can craft a question around that theme. Then, we pull a card to find clarity of perspective around the question.

Pulling cards—whether they be old school Rider-Waite cards, angel cards, or even cards from a mantra deck—gives your subconscious mind an opportunity to spark connections that you maybe wouldn’t have otherwise created. You might find that pulling a card helps you come to a solution for a long-standing problem simply because it helps you see that issue from a different perspective.

The subconscious is cool like that. It’s always trying to make connections.

Lucky for us, the ineffable Helen Schmidt did a reading around what oh holisticism members as a collective need to think about during this next astrological cycle.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign that gives us the push to innovate, breakaway, and evolve. Change is inevitable with Aqua, especially if it touches anything that is outdated in our lives.

The sun moved into Aquarius on January 19th. This is our time to revolutionize areas in our lives that are outdated.

Her question for the cards: 

Q: What is the best way to handle any changes that occur from the revolutionizing Aquarius?


A: Princess of Disks

OK, let’s face it, change can be really scary. Even if it was anticipated! Princess of Disks is the humble grounded student. You’ll see she is pointing her wand towards the Earth. This is how she inherits the Earth’s wisdom. No matter how exciting or uncomfortable your changes are, approach this season’s revolution as a time to learn and grow.

Shake off what you thought you knew about what is changing in your life. Simply absorbing the lessons or actively studying what the revolution is activating leads you to the wisdom the Princess of Disks wants you to inherit.

Basically, knowledge is power as you’re facing big ‘scary’ changes in your life. Remember when you first got your period and you were like, yep, I’m dying this is it, hand me my will, I bequeath my Caboodle to our next door neighbor Daisy and my beanie baby collection to my little sister, remember me fondly … And then you got to know what was happening down there and it was like, oh, this can happen every month for basically the next 30 years and I’ll be fine with it? It wasn’t that the situation really changed—your relationship to it did. More info = less to fear. 

Buddha might tell us to avoid grasping. To drop our expectation of the outcome and just allow it to happen. Easier said than done, but perhaps during Aquarius season it will help us to simply see the changes that are happening in our lives, and just go with it.


  1. Journal about your changes. Write what you’re feeling and what you’re holding onto. Look into what the wisdom is in what this change is showing you.
  2. While you shuffle the cards think about what you wrote. Once you’re done shuffling fan the cards out in a crescent moon shape.
  3. Ask your cards: How can I best handle the changes occurring in my life right now?
  4. Scan the cards visually or with your right hand. Stop at the card that is grabbing your attention. Pull that card out. Reference your guidebook on the meaning of the card then connect that meaning to what you initially wrote about.

Pull something cool? We wanna hear about it! Leave your comments below. 

Michelle PellizzonComment