julie evonne washington


Meet Julie 

As a Professional Licensed Holistic Esthetician, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Crystal Healer, and Psychic Intuitive Reader, I have 20 years of extensive experience and knowledge within all facets of the healing arts, aesthetics, Tarot/Oracle, and mindfulness. 

I’ve changed the personal lives of many people during my 8 years in private practice. It is my intention that by connecting with spirit and sharing what is being shown to me, that my clients will be able to expand their understanding and perception of their life to see a broader perspective of themselves and their life situation. 

Energy Healing and Intuitive Reading is not a job to me, it is my soul's calling and I love this work. I believe that having an empowered life and feeling grounded in one's personal truth is possible for everyone. Nothing satisfies me more than helping people find this for themselves.


Discovery Call

A 20-minute call for us to gauge if we are a good match to work together. We will ask each other questions, and you'll have first hand experience with me and how I can support you before we invest in one another.

Intuitive Spirit Speak Fusion Session

A 90-minute session that merges an intuitive reading with energetic healing with crystals, Reiki, sound, and aromatherapy. 

Intuitive Sprit Speak Crystal|Tarot|Oracle Reading

A 60-minute intuitive guidance session. 

Goddess Luna Cycle Energy Healing Session

A 90-minute energy healing session. 

Spirit Speak Follow-Up Call

After a session, it is normal to process a lot of the information and energy for days or even weeks. This is a 30-minute check-in call to offer additional support, if you feel that you would like to ask questions, receive guidance, or energy work.

Why we love julie 

"I truly cannot say enough about Julie's work. I usually introduce her to my friends as 'the most magical person I've ever met', because that's the best way I know how to describe her energy. She is deeply powerful, totally soulful, and so, so kind. I'm not exaggerating when I say that the sessions I've enjoyed with Julie have changed my life for the better. She's beyond special, and I hope that everyone gets to enjoy a session with her at some point in their lives!"

- Michelle 

"Julie is a powerhouse healer and intuitive who holds space with such warmth, love kindness, and provides deep insight and healing. I saw Julie for an intuitive Spirit Speak Session and was blown away by how spot on she was in the reading, during which she used four decks, crystals, astrology, and intuition. I was also impressed with how nourishing the healing session was. I felt truly seen, supported, and empowered after this session."

- Ali