katharine hargreaves


Meet katharine 

Katharine Hargreaves is a quantum coach and culture alchemist living her best life in Los Angeles. A former designer of human-centered technology, she now designs transformational human experiences. Katharine’s superpowers include big ideas and bold actions that empower you to quantum leap into a new reality. Katharine works with inspiring humans of all kinds, but especially loves visionary creatives and impactful entrepreneurs who embody passion and purpose. In addition to coaching, Katharine is the high priestess of ARKO, a nomadic play temple for enlightened animals and the founder of The FEARLESS Workshop, a powerful methodology for Embodied Innovation. When you’re ready to play with your edge and expand your world, Katharine is the wizard you call.


1:1 Quantum Coaching

Weekly 60-min power sessions designed to help you identify, articulate, and actualize your dream life. In this powerful process, you take ownership of your authentic vision and learn how to develop and implement resourceful, holistic, innovative strategies for success. Quantum coaching is the space that empowers your soul's answers to surface, resulting in deep clarity, conviction, creativity, and conscious action.

Womxn's Mastermind

Monthly group sessions with an intimate and inspiring group of conscious womxn taking their careers to the next level. Curated for group synergy, these sessions cultivate a supportive and loving space of trust, respect, play, and fearlessness between members.

Shamanic Journey

This 3+ hour shamanic journey will guide you through a gentle energetic alignment. We'll start by exploring your core questions and what internal blockages or beliefs are inhibiting your expansion process. A guided breathwork journey will help you release and process old energetic patterns. You'll integrate your insights and learnings in an anchoring ritual. Experience a deep energetic release that detoxifies your system, resulting in deeper clarity and core alignment.