Kelley Hoag


Meet Kelley 

Behavioral Health Advising is a combination of two approaches; Behavior Analysis and Holistic Health.

I received my Master's of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) after completing my undergraduate degree in Psychology.  After years of experience as a behavior therapist for children, I felt as though there was untapped potential in this space when it came to health and wellness. I received my Integrative Health Coaching certification from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and found the harmony between the scientific approach of ABA and the intuitive process of holistic health. 

ABA is an evidence-based approach to understanding socially significant behaviors with the goal of creating meaningful, positive change through motivation and reinforcement. 

It comes down to forging an individualized path to a healthier, happier lifestyle that is aligned with your purpose.

It's about learning the tools that work for you.

Listening to your body.

Strengthening your intuition.

We're combining principles of nutrition, mindfulness and behavior analysis to help you achieve sustainable wellness. 



Behavioral Health Advising

Holistic Health is a multi-faceted and all-encompassing evolution in integrative wellness, involving not only what you eat, but your relationships, physical activity, spiritual practices and career fulfillment. 

8 Day Seasonal & Personalized Meal Plan

Speak to Kelley for a 30 minute consultation, and get a personalized, season-based meal plan designed to suit you.