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What you think and believe is critical in creating your world.  The future actually already exists for you and how you see your future actually defines what happens to you in the present.  You bring forth the future that you resonate with. Science is actually moving in this direction with the understanding of disciplines such as quantum physics and field theory.  

These are very powerful words and they become even more powerful the more your subconscious believes them.  I am here to help you understand that all of your experiences/relationships are here to tell you something. Seemingly insignificant events in our lives are actually “us” showing ourselves our truest and deepest beliefs.

Sometimes it is clear as day and sometimes it takes more in-depth study and concentration.  Either way, the process is always a winning proposition because the more we know, the more we can understand, the more we understand, the more we can  control our experiences in this life and live the life we actually want. 

My path began 10 years ago when I was going through an extremely challenging and difficult time in my life.

I was able to release part of my life that was holding me back and once I let go with complete abandon;  my journey inward began and I found more peace, love and joy than I could ever imagine.  My sight left me for a few minutes. A white light appeared before me, lifted me and moved me forward (my consciousness).  Some tell me I experienced the grace of God, some say nirvana, some say the universe is now protecting me. 

Whatever it is, I am grateful for that life changing experience and blessed to continue receiving information from a higher source to help guide me and others on this true journey towards our higher Self. We all have this one and the same purpose in life. Lets discover it together. Everything else is just a distraction.  

Offering Descriptions

Clear Emotional Blockages Session

Break free from the limiting emotions that hold you back from living your very best life. 

Discover Your True Self Session

Expansion of consciousness is providing the client with information regarding the truth of The Self and how we access this part of ourselves. We all have a higher being but most of us live through our lower self- our ego. I help people get access to their higher self and with that ... comes answers to many of their experiences/people/purpose in their lives. With regard to physical ailments, often times their is an established emotional reason that often is unaddressed and over time leads to physical issues. We attempt to uncover this.