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Kim LaVere is a former corporate retail director & semi-pro athlete turned Co-Active Coach, Ayurveda Counselor, and Natural Foods Chef. After going through her own personal health struggles with burn-out, stress, poor digestion, and mental fatigue, Kim’s work now revolves around helping others gain access to a more nourishing life.  In her work with individual clients, Kim weaves coaching & Ayurvedic principles together to create a multi-dimensional approach to well-being that addresses the entire psychophysical system when tackling common imbalances of today’s modern world, such as stress, anxiety, energy depletion, and digestion challenges. Aside from her 1-on-1 work, Kim teaches group workshops, holds Ayurveda pop up dinners, and co-hosts wellness retreats around the world that combine her passions for true food, authentic connection, and travel. 

Kim received her undergraduate degree from Brown University in 2006 in Organizational Theory, where she was also an academic all-American soccer player.  She went on to work for ten years in product development at Macys, putting her head down and checking off the boxes that her education, family, and social circle deemed would lead to a ’successful’ and ‘fulfilling’ life.  After years of feeling like she was coming up short, and in dealing with stress, burn out, and the loss of her ex partner, Kim decided to leave her job and travel the world alone for ten months in order to uncover what a truly fulfilling and nourishing life really looked like for her. Her journey led her to ten different countries, throughout which she completed her Co-Active Coaching certification from CTI, attending classes in LA, SF, and London. She then spent 3 months in Kerala, India completing her 500 hour certification as an Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant from Greens Ayurveda medical treatment center. Her journey ended with a move to Sonoma County, California where she now sees clients both in person and digitally from around the world. Kim also holds her certification as a health supportive chef from The Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC, completing her coursework in 2014 before leaving New York. Throughout the summer months, you can find her in the kitchen at two farm & retreat centers in Sonoma County, conjuring up meals using whatever is available from the farm and in season locally.  

Kim has found a wellness cocktail that works best for her and is now passionate about helping others discover what their unique wellness cocktail contains.


Getting Clear and Uncovering Your Values Coaching

A Discovery Session - Clarify the values that you hold most true, the ones that will serve as roots to your decision-making process from here on out. Identify which weeds & old beliefs (are holding you back from living the fulfilling and thriving life you deserve. Start to uncover how to call on these new values during times of stress and uncertainty, especially in areas where it may have felt difficult to make decisions in the past. Includes discovery packet to be filled out prior to our call, visioning exercise, and list of values by the end of our time together to nail to your fridge, create a vision board around, or continue working on together! 

Ayurveda Diet & Lifestyle Consultation

Learn about the foundational principles of Ayurveda & elemental theory, and uncover your birth constitution and any imbalances you may be facing at this time. Gain the basic knowledge on how to balance out these symptoms using key diet & lifestyle shifts. Includes dosha & birth constitution quiz for you to fill out prior to our call, as well as current assessment addressing your entire psychophysical system (mind + body). Take-away key recommendations to address any imbalances and check in for a quick 20 minute follow-up to see how the recommended shifts have impacted your overall well-being.