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Transformational Coaching and Ayurveda Package

Save 10%! 90 minute discovery session + 8, 60-min follow up sessions, weaving coaching + Ayurveda together over 4 months

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Ayurveda Package

Save 10%! 90 minute initial diet & lifestyle consultation + 2 60-minute follow up sessions, over 2 months

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meet kim

Kim spent ten years in New York working in corporate retail before switching over to the world of wellness. After experiencing her own health struggles with burn-out, stress, poor digestion, and mental fatigue, she was compelled to leave behind her secure and ‘successful’ career in search of a more fulfilling and thriving life. She booked a one-way ticket abroad and traveled the world alone for ten months with no plan in mind except to follow her intuition wherever it led her. Her journey turned into one of radical healing and self-care across ten different countries, where she solidified her passions for coaching, Ayurveda, and cooking.

Kim’s work now as a certified coach, Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant, and Natural Foods Chef revolves around helping others gain access to more nourishing lives. In her work with individual clients, Kim weaves coaching & Ayurvedic principles together to create a unique, multi-dimensional approach to well-being that addresses the entire psychophysical system. Some common topics that Kim addresses with her clients include stress, anxiety, uncertainty, disconnection with higher purpose, energy depletion, and digestion challenges. Aside from her one-on-one work, Kim also teaches group workshops, holds Ayurveda pop-up dinners, and co-hosts wellness retreats around the world that combine her passions for true food, authentic connection, and travel.

Kim holds her Co-Active Coaching certification from the Coaches Training Institute, her 500-hour Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant certification from Greens Ayurveda medical treatment center in Kerala, India, and her Natural Foods Chef certification from The Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC. She received her bachelor’s degree from Brown University in 2006, where she was also a 4-year, division one soccer player. She is now based in Northern California, where she is often found in the kitchen at The Occidental Arts & Ecology center, conjuring up delicious seasonal, local, organic meals for her retreat guests.


Transformation Coaching + Ayurveda

This work weaves the principles of coaching + ayurveda together in order to create a more multi-pronged approach to well-being. We begin with identifying the goals that you want to get out of the work as it relates to your emotional & physical health. We clarify the values that you hold most true, the ones that will serve as roots to your decision-making process from here on out. We also identify which old beliefs are holding you back from living a life more in tune with your best self and more aligned with your higher purpose. Gain a deeper understanding of your constitution, your innate gifts, and your current approach to how you show up in the world. Begin to uncover how to call on your core values and choose new perspectives during times of stress and uncertainty, especially in areas where it may have felt difficult to make decisions in the past. Implement reasonable, steady changes over the course of the work to create lasting change and optimum well-being.

Ayurveda Diet & Lifestyle Consultation

Learn about the foundational principles of Ayurveda & elemental theory. Uncover your birth constitution and any imbalances you may be facing at this time. Gain the basic knowledge on how to balance out these symptoms using key diet & lifestyle shifts. Includes dosha / birth constitution quiz for you to fill out prior to our call, as well as current assessment addressing your entire psychophysical system (mind + body). Take-away key recommendations to address any identified imbalances.