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Offerings are virtual, unless specified

Intuitive Tarot Reading

Intuitive Tarot Readings provide illumination to the path ahead helping you to understand the patterns at play as well as what we can expect as the energy moves forward. These sessions combine my natural psychic gifts with the signs and symbols of the Tarot. Intuitive Tarot readings are a powerful tool for gaining insight as you navigate transitions, make important decisions and seek to understand yourself on a deeper level.

Intuitive Medicine Session

Intuitive Medicine Sessions are a holistic pathway to emotional freedom and provide a safe space for transmuting the energy of trauma into personal gold.

Elevated Mentorship

My Elevated Mentorship is a dynamic partnership that helps you to step into your multidimensional self and curate the life of your dreams.

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Iā€™m Laura Brown, an Intuitive Alchemist, Tarot Reader and Counselor.

I am all about bridging intuitive tools with traditional modalities to transform our lives and bring us into alignment.

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