lauren o’connell


Meet lauren 

TAKING THE EYE ROLLS OUT OF ASTROLOGY My goal is to bring a fresh, less "woo-woo" twist to the insanely detailed science of Astrology by providing fun, relatable content that anyone can understand and implement into their life. I think the single best gift you can give yourself is self awareness. And that is, in a nutshell, what Astrology gives us. Our birth charts are the blue prints of our lives. Getting familiar with our personal charts and combining it with what is currently going on in the sky, we can be prepared, mindful, aware, and waaay more chill then everybody who doesn't know what's going on!

We are all told to find something that you love doing, or as I like to ask - "What keeps you so sucked in that you forget that you need to eat or poop?" (Because, c'mon, those are the two best parts of the day, am-I-right?) For me, that's Astrology.


Birth chart readings

(in person & remote) An in-depth reading of your birth chart + current transits to know what is in store for you.

Compatibility readings (in person & remote)

Charts of two people and how their energies work together

Group readings

(in person only) Starts with a group session outlining what everything in a chart means (planets, houses, signs) followed by “birth chart quickies” - aka, mini readings for each person. I then wrap the evening with going over big astrological events coming up and where each of you can expect it to impact your lives.


(sent to inbox, no appointment) Reports are sent as PDFs straight to your email. They have over 20 pages of detailed interpretations and unique diagrams of your planets and aspects. A great starting point to get the basics and have information at your fingertips to look more into.