layla el khadri

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MEET layla

Layla El Khadri, is a Feminine Leadership Mentor, Speaker, Thought Leader and Artist deeply committed to inspire people all over the world to remember their magnificence and take action to create the lives, career and relationships they dream.

Layla seeks to elevate the human perspective, inspiring & guiding inner work and being a Catalyst for Human Potential. The combination between her Mentorhip and her Embodied Work creates a powerful holistic methodology to anchor real-lasting transformation and radical embodiment of one´s potential. Layla`s work stands out by combining knowledge and wisdom drawn from ancient traditions such as Taoism, Meditation or Tantra with cutting edge therapies, somatic movement, art, and a decade of deep dive into personal development. Her background in Filmmaking, acting and Music gives her a deep understanding of the expressive arts as a conduit for self exploration and impactful expression.

Layla´s career as a speaker, coach and teacher is focused on inspiring a new generation of change makers and world leaders to remember their inner wisdom and truest calling, and rise to become the change this worlds needs.


Personalized mentorship to help you create the life & impact you desire.