leah kalish, MA


Meet leah 

My motto: Get out of the pathology in your head and into the health of your system, the truth in your body and the compassion in your heart.

I offer two therapeutic modalities, Family Constellation and Embodiment Process, which work together to free you from:

1) inherited familial patterns that perpetuate destructive dynamics and suffering, and

2) somatic trauma imprints and defense strategies that limit and disempower you.

I was certified as a Family Constellation facilitator by Mark Wolynn, Director of the Family Constellation Institute, in 2009 and as an Embodiment Process practitioner by Angelica Singh in 2016. I am a graduate of the Landmark Curriculum for Living and a registered Yoga Alliance Master Yoga Teacher ERYT and ECYT-500 hour. I earned a Master’s Degree in Human Development in 1996, and am nationally recognized for my previous work with Yoga Ed. to bring yoga and mindfulness education to K-12 schools. In 2010, I launched Move with Me Yoga Adventures, which delivered integrated movement & mindfulness resources and training to early learning.


Family Constellation

This session work identifies and shifts how traumatic events in your family's past are impacting you. Research in epigentics and neuroscience confirms that just as hair, eyes, and body type are inherited, so are the emotions, losses, and fears from tragic events and dramatic changes experienced by your family system. All kinds of issues - financial, emotional, and relational – are often rooted in and express your unconscious entanglement with what was too painful, shameful, or heartbreaking for your parents or grandparents to discuss and so left unresolved. The good news is that when these past events are identified and understood through a systemic perspective, it's possible to disengage from unhealthy patterns, and free yourself and your children from inherited suffering. You can learn how to celebrate and participate in your family system without perpetuating its wounds or traumas.

Embodiment Process

This session combines hands-on biodynamic craniosacral therapy with mindful somatic trauma resolution. Sessions are deeply relaxing, regulating, and restorative. They support the metabolism and completion of old traumas and imprints held in the body and, as a result, enhance resilience, self-trust, new possibilities, and ease. They are recommended for anyone recovering from surgery and wanting to clear anesthetic, struggling with a chronic issue, in a crisis, under a lot of stress, in a big transition, or simply longing for a deeper sense of health and wholeness. You will be able to move out of a constricted place of fear and judgment to a more fluid field of health, compassion, and curiosity.