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Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting Preparation

Sometimes, our expectations can get in the way, and cause us more discomfort than is reality. Think about when you're stuck on the subway - you can be annoyed and angry at something you cannot change, or you can be with what what is and read more of your book or learn something new from a stranger or simply take in your surroundings with more purpose. The latter is the practice of mindfulness, and so important in birth. By reframing your relationship to your expectations - of your body, your partner/family, your birth plan, and even your baby - you can be with the discomfort without it overwhelming you. In birth, this allows your body to do what it needs to do, resulting in a safer, easier, and more satisfying pregnancy, birth, and parenting journey. This is a childbirth education class, with a mindfulness twist. In this class, we will cover the typical birth process, your choices in pregnancy and childbirth, we will create your birth plan based on what is most important to you, and we will practice mindfulness-based techniques to cope with the tension of labor, parenting, and life beyond. This 2 hour class is designed to give you the information that is necessary without overwhelming you - we can always go more in depth as you like.

Pregnancy and Birth Support

As your doula, I hold space for you and your team to be utterly present in the moment, allowing you to reframe your relationship to your expectations. This allows you to make confident and informed choices throughout your journey and cope with the pain, anxiety, discomfort, and any other emotions that arise. As your doula, I combine my knowledge of herbalism, nutrition, functional medicine, and mindfulness to support you fully during this transformative time. I offer prenatal visits for education and preparation, on-call support from 38 weeks, continuous phone and in person support throughout your labor + birth, and postpartum visits for household support, reflecting, and newborn education. I practice with an open heart, evidence-based recommendations, and serve all regardless of choice and identity.

Reproductive Health Support

If you need help navigating your choices in birth control, need someone to drive you to or go with you to your abortion or reproductive procedure (i.e. IUD insertion, ultrasound), or just need someone to talk to to process, please know that I am available for nonjudgmental support at no cost.

Disclaimer: Each experience is different for each individual, regarding the support they specifically need.

pregnancy, birth, and postpartum support packages

Pregnancy and Birth Support Package

This package includes 2 at-home prenatal visits, continuous phone/email support, on-call from 38 weeks, 24 hours of labor + birth support, 2 at-home postpartum visits

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Extra Postpartum Support Package

This package includes 3 visits at 3 hours each. 30% discount when purchased!

Redeem a Session


meet leah

Leah Pinault is a Doula, Mindfulness-Based Childbirth Educator, Herbalist, and Health and Life Coach. Known for her gentle spirit, big heart, soothing presence, and curious mind, Leah is a facilitator of healing and empowerment throughout all stages of one’s life. While she focuses on women’s health, she believes in the power of evidence-based education as a means of self-advocacy and of human connection as a means of healing for all, regardless of identity. Leah’s purpose is to empower and hold space as you walk through life’s transformations, in birth and health and beyond.

Leah is trained in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Childbirth and Parenting, Full Spectrum Doula Support, Traditional Herbalism, and is currently studying Functional Medicine with the School of Applied Functional Medicine.

You can find out more about me and my work at Instagram, Facebook, WebsiteLinkedin, and Pinterest!