leslie mcdonald


MEET leslie

Leslie McDonald is a sound healer, Reiki practitioner, certified health coach and wellness blogger. She has a passion for creating safe spaces for the community in order to introduce them to the healing qualities of sound, crystals, fitness and food. Leslie's belief is that being healthy is more than just what we are eating, but also incorporates the relationships we have, our career and our spirituality.

As an energy healer, she is working to help others recognize that the magic is within all of us and we just have to start noticing the signs and message that are coming our way that are guiding us to live our most balanced, healing, and fulfilling lives.


Personalized Sound Meditation Recording

Sound is a way to elevate the meditation experience through quieting thoughts, and altering a stressful-busy state into a more relaxed, transient space where true healing and peace can enter in. This is a powerful tool for stress-management, anxiety, lack of focus, and overall energy/mood by harnessing the benefits of beautiful sound. You will work with Leslie to identify the energy you need cleared or brought in through a personalized sound meditation recording that you can enjoy any time to help you relax, sleep, focus or just improve your mental state and energy.

Holistic Wellness Coach

Work with Leslie as your coach to help you identify your own practice for better health. She believes in bio-individuality, so not every food, fitness or holistic plan will work for every person. Together you will learn to trust yourself and understand how you feel when you eat specific food, how you feel when you move your body and get to truly understand the WHY behind everything you do for your mind & body.