marine selenee


Meet marine 

Marine Sélénée is a New York-based Family Constellations facilitator, executive coach, Reiki practitioner and motivational speaker.

A French native, Marine was born in Brittany and raised in Paris. After studying psychology and communications in Paris, she moved to Miami. There one of her mentors, Michelle Blechner, introduced her to Family Constellations Therapy. She discovered the transformative nature of this healing practice—which would drive her path forward.

Marine then moved to New York City to dive into her Family Constellations practice. After immersing herself into the process with Mark Wolynn in Miami, she studied the method under Suzi Tucker at the Bert Hellinger Institute, before opening her own practice in New York.

Through her own healing journey Marine realized the unique power of the Family Constellations Method. Discovering this approach revealed the missing link she was searching for in traditional therapy: the ability to get to the root of the wound in order to understand, heal, own the past and move forward.

Marine’s unique approach to Family Constellations Method helps people heal from family wounds and find individual blocks rooted in the family system. This awareness unleashes freedom in the present.


Family Constellations

When we heal family wounds, we can write our own story. My approach allows clients to get to the root of their pain, in order to not only heal themselves, but the generations before and after them. When we break free from old family patterns, we allow our true nature to reveal itself.


Reiki is excellent for healing various physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues. A Reiki Session will leave you feeling loved, nourished and transformed; a true soul-to-soul experience.