marta ulbricht


Meet marta 

It is my deepest love to support you in awakening to your unique, divine gifts. Whether removing emotional blocks or infusing sacred love currents, it is my great joy to witness the unfolding of your beautiful self as you recognize your true nature as Love itself.

I have studied under the renowned medical intuitive/trance channeler Kimberly Meredith, and travel with her around the world to different events as her apprentice healer. I have also worked as an apprentice to many other energy healers, who have given me the gift of learning unique modalities that allow my sessions to be intuitively-tailored to support your highest good.


Sound + Reiki Energy Healing

I offer an intuitive combination of energy healing modalities that vary depending on what comes through individually for each client. I work with a combination of sacred mantras, sacred solfeggio tuning forks, hands-on healing, crystals, and essential oils. These modalities are extremely effective at dissolving trauma held in the physical and emotional bodies, removing blocks, and awakening spiritual gifts.