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Offerings are virtual, unless specified

My programs are HIGHLY INDIVIDUAL to meet your overarching goals that we establish during the consultation.

4 month program VIP - 16 (sixteen) 60-minute sessions
4 month program - 8 (eight) 60 minute sessions
2 "off"- 1 (one) 90 minute session, 1 (one) 60 minute session

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GOOD COACHING for BAD B*TCHES. I teach women how to be their own healer using the holistic and scientific. First we work with the body: sluggish? excess fat? hormones or digestion giving you hell? We bring that back into balance using holistic means and create tools and guidelines for you to feel great every. single. day. no matter what life throws at you.

Then we work with the mind. What patterns and beliefs are holding you back (hint It's not always obvious) from living a life that lights you up? Are you feeling stuck? Or are you subconsciously self sabotaging your healing?

Together we'll investigate, pull up the line on the sh*t that is no longer serving you and in it's place integrate programming that propels you forward! So that you can chase your dreams, feeling confident in your body and aligned with your life.

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