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Offerings are virtual, unless specified


Breathwork is an active meditation using a 3-part, fast-paced breathing pattern. It’s a powerful form of self-healing that helps connect to your body, move stuck energy and emotions, and opens your heart.


Reiki is an ancient Japanese natural system that has been adapted across varying cultural traditions. Through the use of the practitioner’s hands, universal life force energy is channeled to clear negative energy and blockages in order to to restore balance.

Growth Guidance + Strategy

Growth Guidance is offered on its own or in addition to energy work in order to help support you on your healing journey. These intuitive conversational sessions are great for those in between moments, when you need a helping hand (or some serious real talk), and will leave you with more clarity and confidence to grow into your power.

Growth Strategy sessions are for anyone looking to take their careers or business to the next level—from individuals, to solopreneurs, to managers at rapidly changing startups, to socially innovative CEOs. In this collaborative partnership, we’ll partner together to craft a process specifically to your mission.

Together, we’ll combine strategy with mindfulness to clarify your current situation and create tactical implementation plans. You'll be pushed to to think outside of the box and we will support your inner creator, so you feel confident about what you need to do to thrive.

meet maryam

Maryam Ajayi is a Nigerian born Energy Healer and Intuitive, who practices both Reiki and Breathwork. On soul's mission to merge the healing and modern business worlds, she founded Indagba, a consultancy that helps socially conscious people and companies grow into their full potential through mindful business strategy. Her passions include advocating for inclusive spaces for underrepresented communities, de-stigmatizing the wellness industry, and using her voice to empower and uplift others around the world.

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