maytha alhassen


Meet maytha 

Somewhat of a "freedom doula," I have spent decades serving the elevation and liberation of spirit through journalism, academia, art, social justice organizing and healing worlds. Alongside a Ph.D. in American and Ethnic Studies, and expertise in History, Anthropology, Critical Race Studies and Gender Studies, I also explored a multi-dimensional path towards inner liberation (authentic self-revealing) by training in trauma-informed yoga + meditation (a somatics approach), social justice-infused yoga (Off the Mat, Into the World training), and reiki. I have supplemented this work by delving deeply into the divine feminine tradition within Islam, offering "Sufi Sacred Femme" healing circles from NYC to the Bahamas. Through my invocation of these healing traditions intersecting with knowledge of systems of oppressions, I have worked with vulnerable, neglected and under-resourced communities from offering yoga and meditation to refugee women in the Greek island of Chios to facilitating arts-based, critical literacy workshops with incarcerated youth at Rikers Island. If you desire a deep connection to the freedom that lives inside of you within a world designed to systematically limit and oppress your very being, we can work together to unlock your inner truth of spirit and navigate the realm of the flesh.


Privates for trauma-informed yoga and meditation, reiki and spiritual life "freedom doula" coaching.

Group sessions for trauma-informed yoga and meditation and Sufi Sacred Femme healing circles.

Speaker on the centrality of wellbeing to social justice work, experience and research background working with refugees in Greece and Turkey and with incarcerated youth using healing technologies, organizing a life around wellbeing, and my own journey transforming through yoga, meditation, reiki and Sufi practices.