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I’ve always had an intuitive gift and strong spiritual connection together with a desire to help others which made the healing arts a natural path. My journey began with my own personal growth - I did personal development groups, went on meditation retreats, sat in circles - before a profound healing session with someone who would become one of my teachers catalyzed my calling. I am an Usui Reiki Master and teacher, facilitating classes and mentoring other healers. Originally from London, England I'm now based in Los Angeles.


Energy Healing

I blend multiple modalities including Reiki, Theta Healing and Sound healing to offer a highly personalized healing treatment. Crystals, essential oils and precious metals are also used in sessions where indicated. These sessions are effective for a wide variety of issues - chronic and acute physical ailments, anxiety and mental health issues, grief, relationship issues and spiritual awakening are some of the more common things people bring to our sessions but I can support you with almost anything. Much of my work involves clearing traumas from past lives and ancestors to clear old patterns, fears and beliefs from your energy field as well as releasing old emotions held in your body.


Reiki sessions help to clear blockages from your system while filling you with life force energy, supporting optimal physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. These sessions may include the use of crystals, essential oils and tuning forks as indicated.

Distant Reiki

We will connect in advance by email so I understand your intention for the session and send Reiki remotely at our appointment time. I follow up with an email to share any information that came up during the session.

Reiki I&II Certification Training

In this weekend workshop you learn about this ancient healing art, get attuned to its energy and sacred symbols, and become empowered to heal yourself and those around you. This is a certification class.