Molly Franken


Meet molly 

Hi! I'm Molly. I am a writer and a certified coach. I specialize in two separate areas of focus: Conscious Boundary and Chronic Illness Support. I have previously worked in the tv & film industry, as well as the non-profit sector. It is on these paths that it became clear that story - the human story, the hero's journey, the universality of truth and connection is what I most wanted to explore. I have been living with a chronic illness for a decade and I consider it my biggest challenge, my best teacher and my most sacred relationship. I hope the deep work and reflection I've done along the way will help guide you along yours.


Conscious Boundary Work

Boundaries are a buzz word we are beginning to hear of more and more. While the concept is becoming more popular, we are left experiencing a gap between logical understanding of the idea and actual boundary practice. We are missing the vital page of the map that enables us to get from Point A to Point B. This missing link allows for the gift of living authentically, without guilt or shame, creating loving and compassionate containers for ourselves as individuals, as well as understanding resentment, fatigue and anger can come as a result of not fully recognizing, learning or utilizing conscious and healthy boundaries, in our lives or in the lives of those around us.

Learning to set a boundary or simply saying 'no' is not enough. We must, first, learn to have a deeper understanding of the Self, to begin moving forward in aligning with who we are, what we want and our most core values. Then, we can begin to understand what boundaries are, the wealth of information they can provide us, our beliefs and patterned thinking around them, the ways in which conscious boundaries can support what is most important to us and how we can begin finding, exercising and maintaining conscious boundaries within our lives fully.

Conscious Boundary Work is on a soul level. It is a way of living. It is a North Star and a tether back to who we are. Conscious Boundary Work is not a strategy or a plug and play system. It's personal, it's dynamic and it touches every area of our lives.

Chronic Illness Support

Chronic Illness can feel like an incredible limbo, a purgatory with repetitive loss, accompanied by grief, fear and anxiety to match. With illness that has no end, strengthening our coping tools and mechanisms can feel very difficult, even near impossible. The moment you may finally find your mental, emotional or physical footing, another wave of hardship can level you. Because of this, chronic illness often puts you in a state of constant flux. We have been taught by society that when hardship or loss occurs, there is limited time and space for grief. If grief takes longer than deemed allowable, we are often expected to keep it to ourselves. So, what does this mean for the chronically ill patient who experiences loss over and over again? Where within the confines of chronic illness does a person have the space for repetitive grief? And, on what time table? Where, when and how can emotional healing and work take place for the chronically ill? Many chronically ill patients do not have the ongoing support of their family and friends, and those that do, may find it harder and harder to communicate their needs, fears and hardship as time progresses. Support is needed. Finding community, patients and those that understand can be a life vest in an otherwise tumultuous sea. Chronic Illness Support provides a space, an understanding and a working toolkit of how to continue moving forward in life, not by overcoming grief or succumbing to infinite loss, but by honoring their presence in your life and still living fully, side by side.

1:1 Sessions

In 1:1 sessions, we will establish your needs, while co-creating a plan for moving forward into the growth and change you are seeking. Sometimes these sessions will simply be holding space, sometimes they will include deep work and sometimes you may even find some resistance. This is all part of the process. Together we will navigate through.